Educated and Spun Starstruck

I wrote back in February how I had this crazy dream that Sabaton was playing at the gym of my elementary school. What a shock, this dream last night was just like that, only better! I’ve had like what, eight dreams about them since becoming a fan and I’ve written about all of them that I can remember. Some of those dreams, the band themselves didn’t actually appear, but I still count it as a Sabaton dream because it could involve something like me singing one of their songs as I fly through the stratosphere or something!

So, this dream I think is meant to take place months after the events of the previous dream that was in that particular gym. Sabaton announced they were returning to the school to perform and I was thrilled once again showing up in full gear. This time no faculty tried to stop me from getting in when the roadies said I was allowed to attend.

I skipped to the front of the stage and not only were there parents and children there but some people leaning against the stage, but for some reason in this dream, I had a sort of mind-reading capability that would enable me to tell who was actually a fan of the band, and who was not; the latter just being there to film or something.

I looked at one of the guys in the 5th grade leaning against the stage’s edge and my mind-reading ability this dream gave me identified that he wanted to see what all the fuss was about and if Sabaton was as cheesy as his friends told him. Obviously he didn’t give a shit about history and hated metal. I started to predict that the moment Sabaton hit the stage he would literally be blown away.

Turns out once the band did hit the stage. The older kids found it too loud and ran from the stage or they said it was lame and left. But the little kids started jumping on their chairs. I started jumping and imitating Joakim on stage while singing along.

By the time Sabaton got to Uprising on their set list. I felt a deja vu as in the last dream Jocke called all the children on the stage for this song and I joined. This time however, he jumped off the stage during the solo and started spinning the children around. I continued to do my “dance” until Jocke came over and took both my wrists and spun me around. It was like the way Jack does with Rose when they’re dancing together and she’s trying to tell him to stop before she gets dizzy but can’t do so without laughing.

When he finished he whispered laughing and said something that that was the fastest he could go. I started to apologize if I was preventing him from spinning me faster, but he laughed and told me not to worry and ran back onto the stage to continue singing. I smiled feeling starstruck and fell forward passing out.

I woke up not long after that and was slipping in and out of sleep until I finally got out of bed this morning.

What’s funny is I felt like this dream was as long as the duration of a concert as several songs were played before Uprising. It made me feel that it was real, like I was at one of their concerts again. I wish I had more dreams like that, not just related to them but to other bands as well.

I’m off to bed now, as tomorrow’s a busy day.


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