Bound Until It Hatches

I got home late at 1am after spending time at Wonderland’s annual Halloween Haunt; however it turns out we spent more time on the rides than walking through scary mazes. I should really consider going back to Screemers at the CNE instead but it doesn’t have coasters like Wonderland does and I caught a glimpse of Yukon Striker’s construction. They’ve built the first hill with its drop so far and what’s funny is every time I’m there, Klockwerks is one of the first rides I get on but instead I rode it last on my way out!

Anyway, after it took a while for me to fall asleep, I had this dream that part of our house; mainly the backyard was destroyed by a tornado. It started when I was called downstairs that a tornado was spotted in the park. I ran down into the basement and curled up in the closet far from the windows; if a tornado actually struck here that would be the exact place I’d hide.

When it was over, I went back upstairs to see the destruction and the dream eventually cut to me lying in a bed in the middle of a metal tunnel that was like a giant vent. We had come to stay at a house that belonged to a relative that I had never met (which doesn’t exist in real life) and there was one girl who hated me to the core for some reason.

I never slept in the bed I was given and found a fascination with the little one in that vent-like room. I think it was due to the fact that it was isolated. I’m an introvert at heart and being in that room with that bed gave me a lot of solitude. The only problem was that the only way to access it was through a secret passage in the bedroom of the girl who hated me. I spent a whole night in that bed gazing at the blank metal ceiling daydreaming about dragons and just like in Inception, I must have drifted off into a dream within the dream where I was captured by minotaur warriors and taken to their underground fortress.

When I returned to the bed in the vent room, I tried to sneak out of the girl’s room but she spotted me and started taunting me. I ran crying out of the house and suddenly fell down a hole in the dark. The bottom had a tunnel extending into what looked like a massive Colosseum and at the very centre was a large golden egg the size of a truck. Its scaly pattern looked familiar and I could only guess there was a dragon within but it was large enough to hold an fully grown adult dragon. I watched in awe as a blimp-like transport lowered a net to pick it up, then I ran and leapt forward grabbing onto the net as the blimp flew out of the arena. As I held on tight I heard a voice from above and recognized it as the minotaur who was king of the fortress and he was instructing to pull the egg up into the blimp. I knew my troubles were just beginning.

These dreams are so vivid I need to have more like this.


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