Bad Love Tears are Lost and Foresaken – Music of October 2018

Well here we are, happy Halloween! I’m sitting here writing on Optimus my tablet in my costume keeping an eye on any youngsters that pass by. Truth is that we don’t get many because my house is kind of in a odd part of the town that most children in the area don’t want to walk all the way down to because their parents don’t want them going too far off.

So, I’ve been really busy the past few weeks not only studying but doing my training internship which I love by the way. The experience is great, the people I work with are great and I’ve adjusted quickly to the workflow.

Despite the fact that I’m happy to be busy with career stuff, I felt like this month went by slowly at first and there were lots of songs that stuck with me. Like I said, when I’m busy, it surprisingly is easier to choose songs every month so here we go.

5. Taylor Swift – I Did Something Bad

First time I heard this one was watching Taylor perform it live on TV at one of those recent award shows and it just hit me in the face. I originally didn’t like the direction Taylor had gone with her music how it went mainstream and all where some of it was too repetitive. Now, I have no issues with the changes in what her songs were about given what she’s been through in life, just the style of the songs.

I liked how in the live performance I saw of this she had this big cobra in the background; that’ll get me thinking of Jafar. It also makes me think of any of my fictional crushes that are on the dark side as well as Assassin’s Creed. I may be new to the franchise but every time I kill a target that I’ve been assigned it feels good, even if the guards in the city say it’s bad! I don’t know how much longer I can put up with the first game’s repetitiveness before I decide I want to go to the next with Ezio. I think I might like him better than Altair.

4. KISS – Love Gun

I didn’t want to pick the remix version but this was the only official I could find. Another that my iPod decided to play a lot; what KISS must play at every show and it doesn’t take long to learn the song is a metaphor for an erection. It’s catchy and simple so there isn’t much to it. However, I remember whenever I heard this one live, Paul would get us to chant out to him and he would ride the bar out into the audience as the song began.

I was going to save this for a separate post but I guess the other reason why I’ve also got KISS on this month’s picks is because the tour dates have started to go up and Toronto is included for March 20th. I’m already thinking about plans to go because I definitely can’t miss this. It seems to be cutting quite close to my certification exam but I guess one night out couldn’t hurt despite my strict plan to study daily after my jurisprudence is done. Anyway, yeah this is definitely a must hear live every time.

3. Ariana Grande – No Tears Left to Cry

I’ve been hearing this one on almost a daily basis since I started my training, but I like it nonetheless. The music video reminds me of Inception, but the song reminds me of my current situation. I remember how frustrated I was with trying to get my internship started. If it turned into a paid job as well, that would have been a plus. I spent days to weeks crying when I had no success for the past several months until now. Now that I’ve found the right person and place to begin my training well, there are literally no tears left to cry because I’m happy I’m getting the learning and work experience I need.

I think this song is also in memory of the Manchester incident last year. I felt really bad for Ariana having to go through that but I have tremendous amount of respect for her for what she did afterwards arranging that benefit concert where the funds would go to all the victims and their families. Bravo Ariana, and remember that love will always trump hate. (Republicans and fellow Canadians who are Conservatives please unfollow me if you don’t like it because your harassment for my remark will not be tolerated here)

2. Sabaton – The Lost Battalion

With all the Sabaton dreams I’ve had in the last few weeks, I just have to put one of their songs in this month and what better one to do than with the one played the most. I have so many memories with this song, especially in the summer of 2016. I was so excited for the release of the first single for the new album and was blasting it nonstop that year. I was singing it at the bus stop once and got a few stares. I would also sing it while biking to the LTC home across the river that I was volunteering at that summer. One of the best songs on the album and it gets even better if you listen to Diary of an Unknown Soldier before it. I always thought an intro like that would come before it.

The song is about the American battalion of the same name in the 77th division that were isolated in the Argonne forest in 1918. They were surrounded and hunted down by the Germans and suffered heavy losses and the lack of food, water, ammo, and ability to contact other units made the situation worse. But they never surrendered and continued to fight for a whole week until relieved. Out of the 500 men, only 194 of them made it out of the forest unscathed. Broke through the blockade they were finally saved.

1. Orden Ogan – Forlorn and Forsaken

Number one this month is something totally new to me. I heard this song when I was reading my friend’s blog how she selected her favourite songs by her three favourite bands; Orden Ogan being one of them and it was this song. Curious enough, I decided to listen to it. I’ve never listened to much progressive or folk but this band combines that with power metal and this song was an instant like. The riff is amazing and given how catchy it is, I can see myself singing this as soon I memorize the lyrics! Thanks Maddy for getting me into this one, and I still have to listen to the list of other songs by this band you gave to me. I might need it again from you!

Ah nuts I just turned this song up almost to max as I am writing this and trying to sing it now, why is it that when I get into power metal bands, it’s the very first song I listen to that I love instantly at the snap of a finger? I bet these guys are amazing live.

I had an interesting conversation with my brother about our differing metal tastes. He told me he listened to Sabaton and wasn’t into them; most notably the vocals despite the historical theme. Most of the bands I listen to (with an exception to Lordi, GWAR, and Amon Amarth on some occasions) have clean vocals that someone like me can sing to and the music tends to be heavily focused on melody, while what he listens to is a bit more modern with a mixture of singing and screaming, but at least we can respect each other’s opinions. I wish there were more metal fans like that cause there are unfortunately some elitists out there who think they are superior. If I get deeper into Orden Ogan I doubt he would be into them either.

And that’s it for this month, my jurisprudence exam is next week and despite the fact that I feel like I am over-studying, my family, friends, and people I’ve met through networking and work have all told me it’s going to be fine so I feel ready for this test. When it’s over, I’m definitely going to relax for the weekend before I start my ongoing review for the next. I’ll get through this, I always do.


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