When Strikes Go Down

Hiya, so I was thinking lately why do we get so upset when something disrupts our daily life? It only came into my head this morning when I heard the news that the country-wide Canada Post strike hit the GTA.

Have you ever found yourself a lot more aware of these things after being through one yourself? Last year the Ontario-wide college faculty strike was a difficult time for a lot of us. I would spend a lot of time in my room staring at news updates hoping resolution was in sight and crying as the days of lost classes turned into weeks. At the same time I also struggled to understand why they were doing this? Why was I being used as a pawn until both sides learned to play nicely together? How many of you felt like dropping out? How many of you signed that petition in hopes of getting your money back?

The one thing these experiences teach you is why these things happen. So I asked myself, why is Canada Post on strike now? I did some research and learned it on Global News that is was no equal pay system. Urban employees were paid by the hour while rural employees were based on route size. Some say that many of the rural employees consisted of mostly women so is there unfortunately still some misogyny that exists in the workplace? Who knows for sure?

The other reason is due to increased demands on employees because we are shopping online more and that equals more parcels to deliver daily so the working expectations out of the employees grew. In this case, I totally understand. Think about it this way; you’re a Canada Post employee who has to deliver 50+ packages to different online buyers across the city, plus over a hundred letters too. You have to drive all over town to different PO boxes and sometimes the parcels may require you to go to the door and get a signature from the receiver. You spend the whole day running all over town and you don’t get off until the truck is empty and who knows when that’ll be? Wouldn’t that wear you out if you didn’t finish your deliveries until 6pm or later?

Online shopping is super convenient for all of us. Our items are just a click away then you have to wait a couple of days to a week for it to be delivered. Getting a package in the mail is like Santa giving you extra presents at times other than Christmas. But it is easily addictive and eventually we realize we have to stop when the we look at our credit card bill. I’m trying really hard to cut back on my online shopping. It isn’t easy because the moment I see something, I cave in almost immediately.

As I write this, I nearly succumbed to buying a chibi Garrus plushie after seeing Gamers of Thedas Facebook page post it. I was so tempted but do I have to have it? What’s wrong with the current Funko Pop figure of Garrus that I have? It might already be enough for me. I have to cut back like, NOW because soon I will have to start holiday shopping and I want to start saving to build a new gaming PC. Wish me luck!

So, back to the point. Why worry about things like these? It’s easy for us to do so because its impacting our lives in a way. You want what you ordered online to arrive on time, I don’t blame you. Don’t we all? But, ask yourself this: is the item you ordered something urgent like your prescription medication you asked your pharmacy to deliver to you? If your answer is no then you should really relax and remember nothing lasts forever, not even work stoppages. Your package will come, just like it always has.

Well, at least we can always turn to FedEx or DHL. And Amazon has a shipping service much more efficient.


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