Creature Horror

It’s Saturday, and I wanted to write this last night but the Internet was down, so here I am now.

I have some exciting news to share!

Firstly, it’s official, I’m going to build a new desktop PC. I’ve been browsing PC Part Picker for the pieces I want and put together a list. My brother has helped me modify it from time to time. In general I want it to be powerful, affordable, and silent. Now that my Christmas shopping is done, I can start saving for it!

Am I going to build it myself, no I’m not tech-savvy enough so I’m just going to get Canada Computers to do it for me. I’ll buy any parts I can’t get there, bring it to them, buy the rest of the parts that I can get there, get them to build it, badda bing badda boom, new PC and I’ll be able to run just about anything on it. Hopefully that includes the fourth Dragon Age when it comes out in 2021.

I’ve decided to call it Teletraan-1 in homage to Transformers named after the sentient computer in the Autobot’s Ark. At first I wanted to call it Primus but that sounds a little too common.

It won’t look like that when it’s complete though! It’ll be way smaller and a little more, sleek

Even if I managed to get enough money by the end of this month, I’m still going to wait until after the holidays to get it built. This will be worth it!

Also, my love for stories about monsters seems to bury and resurface but last weekend I stayed up late to read some Lovecraft after overhearing my brother tell his girlfriend how much he enjoyed it.

I started with The Call of Cthulhu and despite it being a rather short story, I couldn’t put it down. All the eerie parts of nightmares and maniacal cults towards learning of the existence of Cthulhu. (it’s a tricky name to spell) all I could do while reading was try to visualize Lovecraft’s writing; as I do with any book I read. Whatever I pictured was so vivid. That last part of when Johansen and his men inadvertently awakened Cthulhu on its island. All those little statues Thurston saw of the creature from different sources and finally learning of one’s encounter with the creature itself, sure it’s just a guy reading a bunch of manuscripts, like I said, you can picture it quite vividly. This monster, Cthulhu, needs some love here.

I should get cracking at reading some of Lovecraft’s other work when I’m not reading The Seven Realms. Truth is, you can find his work just about anywhere online for free because when he died, he didn’t name anyone in his last will to claim ownership over his work. Sometimes I forget how much I love books and movies with monsters in them, not just dragons, but any sort of monster that catches my eye.

Say, I should make a post about the monsters I like. I’ve already got a few in mind.

Alright, that’s it for now, I’ve got wrapping and a marathon that nobody seems committed to joining me at.


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