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A Bad Chandelier in Ashen Rain Chrysalis Child – Music of December 2018

Another month gone, another year gone too and it’s hard to believe. The years sometimes fly by quickly when a lot of things happen, and it seems that every other year for me since 2012, there’s always a big change for me, or a challenge. 2014 was starting my first program, 2016 was where I faced a lot of challenges in my program, and 2018 was when I graduated and started my career path.

As usual, there are songs each month and here are the ones for December.

5. Sia – Chandelier

I think this song has always had a party vibe to it when I hear it. It’s something that I can’t explain, it just is. I started hearing it on the radio at work and got that sudden New Year’s Eve vibe before Christmas had even arrived. This is probably the strongest I’ve heard of Sia in terms of  her voice, she really gives it everything she’s got.

As for Maddie, I have no idea what kind of dancer she is, but I clearly can’t do what she’s doing in this video! It’s like she’s partying around the house when no one’s around. I am not a fan of those big New Year’s Eve parties with all the noise, crowds, shouting, drinking, and midnight smooches or those smaller parties at someone’s house with the same stuff, so I’m just going to chill at home and play video games, or dance around like Maddie to have my own celebration, without the pressure to do things I’m uncomfortable with doing.

4. Michael Jackson – Bad

A flashback to my childhood here, I started listening to MJ and this was the first song I liked the most at that age. Today, it still remains one of my number one favourites. My mom was lucky enough to see MJ in concert when he was still alive. One of my good friends is a big fan of MJ as well.

This so is a timeless classic to me, and even though I’m not the bad girl type, maybe this song is my theme of how I be true to myself. I don’t stop liking something if it’s no longer “in” or there’s some social expectation that you’re supposed to outgrow something by the time you reach a certain age. Those “rules” mean nothing to me, I rebel against them and do my own thing that makes me happy no matter how different it is and no matter my age.

3. Orden Ogan – Ashen Rain

Another Orden Ogan song? I guess that mean I’m a new fan! The first time I heard this was when one of my friends shared a version of it that was a tribute to Dark Souls. I listened and loved it, and now it makes me think of Dark Souls too!

Perhaps that means I need to keep playing those games. Truth is I started the first two games but then I stopped after getting stuck and went onto something else. I still would love to continue the series. Hey, I made it pretty far in Hollow Knight which is like DS in a way, so why can’t I commit to DS? Like, I haven’t even defeated the first boss in the DS II, is it because I can’t make up my mind what I want to play as, or am I afraid of dying? Foolish of me! I need to toughen up and go back to it.

Anyway, this is a powerful song so I bought the album recently and if I love it enough, I’m getting a physical copy. This is now my second favourite to Forlorn and Forsaken. I just can’t get enough of power metal and this band might just catch up to Sabaton someday in my heart!

2. Delain – Chrysalis The Last Breath

I remember the first time I listened to Moonbathers, I didn’t like it at first, except for The Glory and the Scum. But then, I decided to give the album another chance and eventually a few other songs grew on me, including this beautiful one.

I think of myself wandering inside the Notre Dame singing. This actually relates to my current fanfiction project (which I haven’t been spending enough time working on), and yes, Frollo is in it. He eventually comes up behind me in the bridge part of the song as I still picture the music video in my mind. However, in the actual fanfiction story, it goes differently than it does for Esmeralda in the movie. I won’t spoil it here, so you’ll have to read it on my Wattpad.

Now that this song has grown on me, I love it, it’s so beautiful. Let us not forget that other instruments than the electric guitar are just as enjoyable too in metal shall we?

1. Trans-Siberian Orchestra – What Child is This?

Yep, have to include at least one holiday song in December. And it’s another TSO one like from last year; since I’m starting to listen to them more.

Fun fact, a few days after Christmas, we had the music playing while I was helping my mom clean up the kitchen and my ears did not pick up the song until almost three minutes into it when changes in sound. There’s always that certain pitch, riff, and melody that my ears react to the most that suck me in immediately. When that happens, I often drop everything and try to find out what the song’s name is, so I can find it and hear it again. As soon as I heard those backing vocals of “Reading by the light of a lost Christmas day” I ran downstairs and began frantically searching for the song’s title.

As I write this, I get goosebumps when it gets to the 2:50 part. That’s when I felt like the song sounded more powerful to me. I had to dig through my parents’ CD collection to find the two TSO albums they had, to track the song down based on the lyrics I remembered. I finally found it that night and from then on, I couldn’t get enough of it.

Is it wrong that I want to listen to this song at any time of the year other than Christmas? It’s just so beautiful! Well, I guess there isn’t anything wrong with it if you look at it in general it’s about Jesus and if you’re Christian you might recognize what it’s about. I’m not religious but listening to this outside the holiday period shouldn’t be a bad thing. I listen to a lot of metal songs that have a tie to a certain religion.

And that’s it for this month and this year for monthly music. Here I am chilling at home which I would take over a big wild party any day. Happy New Year everybody, I’ll probably be in bed before 12 again but still!


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