Dropped from Shopping

I told myself I wasn’t going to buy anything, not until I had paid the full fee for Teletraan I (which is now in progress of building yippee!), but sometimes I make exceptions.

My mom and Madeline, (my brother’s girlfriend, who I consider a friend now) decided we needed to go shopping just for the hell of it. So there went my promise.

We started at L’occitane which is the only beauty store with expensive products that I can splurge on, and not feel bad afterwards. It’s because of the quality really. I’ve been shopping there for years and was never disappointed with the results. All I needed was a cream and shower oil refill, but that quickly turned into double the free gifts and my desire for pure shea butter that won’t be as messy to apply like cuticle oil. Almond is my favorite collection and I really want that Terre de Lumiere EDT but not until there’s free space on my vanity since it’s packed with my current perfumes!

I have a new love for scented candles and BBW seems to create the best. These two I saw on the website and caved in to delicious names, especially the Pink Petal Tea Cake. The other three I have are cranberry, peppermint, and vanilla. I think I love mouth-watering baked goods scents the most and floral is secondary when it comes to BBW. I don’t use their body stuff, so I’m more into the mists and candles. But after today, I think I’m starting to love their candles WAY more. 
Just wanted to share my haul, that’s all.

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