Computers Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Forget diamonds!

After long period of thinking, planning, saving, and waiting, my first custom PC build, Teletraan I is complete at last.

Behold my new build. I had just got home from work when I found out Canada Computers called me to inform it was ready. With that being communicated, my folks and I drove down the following day to pick my baby up. I spent the afternoon plugging in Teletraan I and making sure everything worked.

After that, I was getting everything installed, just the essentials I use on a regular basis like Office, Steam and Origin for my games, VLC for watching movies/series, iTunes for my music, etc.

So, I’ll tell you a little about the specs. I’ll be honest, when I first made my list and brought them to CC, I was dead set on those particular specs, but when some weren’t available, changes were made and either way, I’m happy because those changes still ended up meeting my needs.

The CPU Intel i7 8700, I believe that’s what it was. I wanted a more powerful CPU this time and since the i9 was recently released, the i7 dropped in price. I didn’t need my new rig to be super powerful, but I definitely wanted something a bit more recent to run newer stuff.

In case you’re wondering what that red light is, that’s my CPU’s cooler, Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black edition, and yes it has LED light when it runs. I wanted to get a cooler that was quiet and thought of the Noctua my brother had, but Noctua was expensive and the store didn’t have it so I opted for something cheaper but had equivalent performance. I told myself that anything that lit up my new machine was just icing on the cake, but hey, It’s already on my keyboard and headset so why not have it on my cooler? Yes, I can customize it.

You can easily spot the RAM which is Corsair Vengance 32GB which is more than enough to play bigger games. It was only available in white so yeah.

The most important, is my graphics card. My brother told me that if I wanted to build a PC, I should splurge on a really good GPU. He recommended I try to go for the MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, but I should have been prepared for the possibility that CC may not have it. It had a high turnover due to popularity, but, with luck the guy at the store helped me find an equivalent which was a hundred bucks less but still powerful enough to run the games I wanted to play, so I got the ASUS Cerberus GeForce GTX 1070 Ti instead and it looks badass. I’m glad I went with NVIDIA this time!

No I am NOT interested in overclocking! I can’t understand why other PC gamers feel like that is a necessity, I’d rather not risk it, no matter how much of a beast my new computer is.

Anyway, my motherboard was originally going to be ASUS but then I was convinced to buy a better on by MSI the Z370 Gaming Plus which is also pretty cool. I can see the red line light up at the edge.

Finally, the case is Phanteks Enthoo Pro M, a tad smaller than the one my brother has which is Enthoo Pro but thought a larger case like his wouldn’t fit on my desk. It’s got two fans and I’m yet to decide if I want to install any additional ones. I probably won’t need to, we’ll see how it runs and if we need to add more because it starts to heat up, then we will.

Now, I’ll want to keep my room extra clean so my new rig doesn’t build up dust and heat up more. I’ll have to find out how to clean the case’s filters so I don’t feel like I have to open everything up if I think it needs to be cleaned. I’ve been slowly getting better at taking care of my computers so I want to give Teletraan I the TLC it deserves!

I also love how it has a tempered glass window, I can see all my parts inside doing their job!

It’s a computer that truly feels like my own now, and I look forward to playing bigger games on it. The Witcher III will be the first once I am done with the second game.


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