Hold On Till It’s Over

I hate it when things don't go as planned. For those of you who are knew here, every time we reach the end of the month, I post an article of 5 songs that reflect the said month. However, due to increased work demand in the past few weeks, I haven't been able to pick… Continue reading Hold On Till It’s Over


If I Had Instagram Music

I'm an avid Instagram user, it's my favourite app to open at the beginning of the day to scroll through pretty pictures and funny stories from friends and celebrities. However, the biggest hurdle I've had to deal with is having to sit out of new features that launch because my country doesn't get first dibs… Continue reading If I Had Instagram Music


The Cat Lady – Soul for a Soul

I haven't done a video game review since my first run of the Dragon Age trilogy, and often whenever I complete my first play through of a game on Steam, I just review it there and that's it. Although I love Slime Rancher and always come back to playing it, no review ever made it… Continue reading The Cat Lady – Soul for a Soul