Goodbye and Hello?

What’s this? I can’t believe I’m here again.

This is the third time I’ve made an attempt to migrate my blog to a more sophisticated place and maybe now I will finally be staying. It won’t be easy saying goodbye to the platform I’ve been using for years, especially after I wrote a while back why I wanted to stick to it.

The number one reason I wanted to stay with Blogger was because it was free and easy to use. But I would also question what WordPress had to offer.

I was reluctant to migrate there because I heard that some custom features such as themes were not available unless I paid for a plan. Luckily, after a bit of research I learned that the payment for that plan was annual.

Was that really the only reason why I was dissuaded from moving here? Or was it also the fact that I found the place to be too complex to navigate at first. I can learn anything and I can definitely learn to get used to WordPress.

I was also concerned about limited number of storage because I like my blog to be as visual as possible, but when I imported again for the third time, the images barely took up any space. What a surprise. Now that I’m writing this, I also like how the edit page is like, full.

red dahlia flower

Here, have a flower just to set an example.

But, I will tell you the real reason why I think I want to migrate now to here.

I found out back in January that Google would be shutting down their Google+ feature due to that privacy bug and low usage. They said that Blogger would not be affected, you just would lose G+ comments and your Google Album Archive which was a real concern for me.

All of the pictures on my past posts were stored there, and if they were to be deleted, what would happen to my blog? It would likely become a blank slate! Google never announced a replacement, they just told us to download anything we didn’t want to lose. So, that’s what I did and saved the pictures to Google Photos which would also be untouched. But part of me didn’t feel like I could trust them, I slept on it, asked for opinions and made the decision to leave. It was easier to just leave and move to another site to host my blog then to let my anxiety cause me to ponder sleepless nights about what would happen to my content. Even if Google were to announce two weeks from now what would be replacing the archive, it still wasn’t worth worrying about so much, so yeah.

I guess it’s official now, I’m on WordPress and have imported all my old posts up to the most recent here. They may be outdated or full of bad quality pictures but moving forward from here that will hopefully change.

Unfortunately, I can’t use the same domain so this one will have to do, it’s still a name that defines a part of me. It’s one of my nicknames after all.

Now, I’ll just have to let people know that I now reside here hopefully for good.




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