I Love Me

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately due to the exam that I have to write in 2 months, and my desire to perform efficiently in a training program that I’m currently doing. I never thought I would try to aim this high, to aim to be perfect. I’ve never done that before, now I want to, and sometimes it’s scary and I have to teach myself to believe in myself it seems.

I decided I didn’t want to stay in the house all day during my day off so I went for a nice walk and treated myself to some nice little goodies.

Hearts aflow

L’Occitane was having a Valentine’s Day event starting today and going on till Sunday I believe. I had to go anyway because I knew I would have to replace my favorite almond scrub soon. They had some treats on display and they gave me this little box with hand cream and spray. And the cream in that jar with something I got myself. I get those emails from them since I’m part of their VIP program and they say around this time get your gift for your special someone before the sale ends here. I’m like screw that I’m going to get a gift for myself because I’m not going to wait around for some man to give to me, especially if it’s Valentine’s Day, which I personally think it’s just a cheesy holiday. I have not celebrated it since elementary school where it was expected of you to hand them out to everyone in your class even the people you don’t like.

I buy stuff for myself, because I love me.

Pomegranate pink

Because what I need is more lipstick! My brother’s girlfriend was telling me about some of the expensive lippies that she buys and she suggested some from this brand. I decided to go with these ones after I heard so many good things about them. The two colors above look almost the same except one of them has shimmer and is apparently limited edition. Let’s see if they can top the MAC lipsticks that I own, will they?

I’m starting to get the hang of using this platform and so far I like it. I’m not sure if I should send a reminder on my old blog that I’ve moved, because I feel like I didn’t have many engaging people other than my friends that were reading it. We shall see but I think I like it here better now, I’m not so stubborn anymore about where I write! I better get going on that cat lady review and something else that I’ve been working on.

👽 Emily

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