Utopian Education

I always have dreams about being back in school since I graduated almost a year ago.

But, they are always strange and vivid like it makes me wish school was actually like that.

This is the first dream article I am writing since my move here to WordPress, so any new readers who have come in the past week, you may not know what this is. But, whenever I have a strange dream the previous night, I like to take the images I remember from it and let my imagination do the rest to write a short story, no matter how weird it is.

The first thing I remember was entering this room with a large pool that reminded me of the one downtown from where I live, but the tower diving board was replaced with a ladder off to the side leading to a glass tube that went to a door in the far left corner.

The pool was also a lot wider and deeper than it was in real life as me and several other people climbed onto a boat with a string from behind. It looked like it was towing something large under the water. The person driving said our objective was to make it to the other side up the ladder, bust down the obstacles, and get through the door, all without being eaten by something they referred to as Hercules.

Weird eh? The person pulled on the string and then an enormous inflatable purple monster popped out of the water (like daisies!). It made a noise calling itself Hercules and a voice spoke telling a short story before the creature started to move around with its mouth open like it was on remote control. The boat capsized and dumped me and the other students into the water. One of them made a beeline for the ladder only for the creature to catch up to it and devour. I kept low and noticed the monster had a particular route of movement before disappearing underwater again to have the cycle restarted. I dove under, grabbed the string and yanked the creature out of the water again when its cycle ended. The moment it popped, I swam quickly and climbed up the ladder, entering the tube.

I plowed through the obstacles once I realized they were flashcards of different drug names, and as soon-to-be RPhT you’d expect me to know that. I pushed open the door and wandered down the hall past the classrooms.

The other two parts I don’t remember as much, but one of them involved me and a few others trying to cross this train track in a tunnel while avoiding the “streak” said to be a train faster than a subway, but always made a distinctive sound and light at the end of the tunnel before passing by, giving pedestrians enough time to cross. Then, another part took place in what looked like a shopping mall where I started to fly around with my golden gauntlets and dragon wings searching for something.

I think it’s that lavender spray I put on my pillow before going to sleep last night that made me have such a dream vivid enough to write it down. If only it was consistent from the moment I fall asleep, to when my alarm clock goes off, because I’m tired of this dry winter air that gives me a scratchy throat.


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