One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall

I feel like I should save this title for a Transformers video game review instead, but oh well, it was the first title that popped into my head.

I try not to do too much studying on weekends, or sometimes I take weekends off. My weekdays consists of three days at work (which is my practical form of studying) and the two days I have off consist of studying which is a bit excessive with reading notes from college, a exam prep course, practicing scenarios using my stuffed animals as patients and clients, and doing practice questions. That’s my week, working hard.

I decided today I needed to go out so I went to the mall with a friend for lunch. We wandered into EB Games and I spotted two action figures and succumbed. Back then, it seemed like EB Games only carried Funkos, but now it seems they’re going beyond that.


I used to have Bay figures of Optimus and Megatron that were on my dresser for years, but when my taste in the franchise changed, I gave them away. For a while, the only consultation was the Optimus plush doll that sits on my bed. But, my favourite era of Transformers now is the G1, Prime, and the War for Cybertron before that. (the two games by High Moon, remember them?)

These figures are from Transformers Seige War for Cybertron series and are both Voyager Class. Now, I’m not a collector, but this is something any TF figure has been labeled as. I was skeptical at first because of the grey markings all over them, but the cashier told me they were meant to be that way, you know, battle scars!

They are definitely not as high quality as those expensive ones I nearly bought, nor are they some cheap ones kids beg their parents for. Not to big, not too small, probably just the right size and quality (not too many complex parts). But I love them already, they were the last ones in stock too!

I missed having Optimus and Megatron in my room, so happy to have them back. Remember, you’re never too old for action figures.


3 thoughts on “One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall”

    1. That’s awesome 😊 I love Harry Potter too, and the Knight Bus is cool and one of the funniest parts of TPOA. I’m never giving any of my figures or plushies away either!

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