It’s a Machine!

I told myself I wasn’t going to write anything until after the exam at the beginning of April. But, some dreams are just too vivid and exciting to be forever stored away in my memory archives.

That especially applies to dreams that give me nostalgia.

When I hear the word Leviathan, the first things I think of are either a mythical sea monster or one of my favorite rollercoasters at Canada’s Wonderland. But, this is the first Leviathan I came to know:

Looks like a giant mechanical lobster am I right? It guards the entrance to Atlantis and hundreds of ships and subs were never able to get past it; either crushed from the claws or blown up from the lightning from its mouth.

There’s not much change in the dream if you compare it to the actual movie, except for the part that I was one of the subpods attacking the Leviathan. When the Ulysses was destroyed, I followed Milo’s sub to the fissure in the ocean floor.

Nothing is more intense than launching torpedoes at a sea monster while evading its claws and lightning attacks. These kinds of dreams make me think about my upcoming exam (despite me rather wanting to have dreams that don’t).

Logically, it’s like slaying or bypassing the beast that guards the entrance to something you really want in life. Everyone around me tells me I’ll be fine as long as I stay calm.

Honestly, I agree with them, and I just want it to be over so I can go back to writing, gaming, and do all the shit that I love to do when not at work, without feeling like I should be studying instead, AND finally become a RPhT that I’ve spent the last three years working hard to become.


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