Time with the White Wolf

You know, almost every time I get into a new game or game series, I share it here. But for some reason, I’ve been keeping this one in the dark.

Since late last year, I decided it was time to check out The Witcher series. After all, I did write earlier that it was one of the series I wanted to play!

I’m currently on the third game, which I was finally able to play when Teletraan I was built. The first game was okay but I couldn’t finish it after no longer being able put up with the controls.

The second game was really good and the third just looks absolutely stunning.

Let me just say this, Geralt of Rivia is so handsome. I had seen pictures of him prior to playing but didn’t think I’d fall for him.

This is a rather unpopular opinion that I have right now, and it might possibly change or revise itself later on, especially if I decide to read the books but: I heard about Yennefer before I got to the third game, but the moment I met her, I didn’t like her attitude at all. I found it very off-putting how she just had no interest in sitting down to talk with Geralt about where they stood in their relationship after reuniting. She was just in a hurry to leave and seemed irritated that he got busy with Triss.

But my biggest gripe was, if she really was his true love, and she possibly regained her memory before him, why didn’t she contact him? I even made Geralt ask just that!

Now, I’m pretty sure those who read the books will come in defending why Geralt and Yen are meant to be, and why Triss is a vile manipulative cunt.

But here’s how I see it, sure Triss was able to get with Geralt because yes he couldn’t remember he already had someone. Of course Triss withheld that because if you were in love with someone, they lost their memory and forgot about a lover they already had, wouldn’t you have done the same thing?

One thing I liked about Triss was that she was always there for Geralt. She’s kind and caring and where was Yen the whole time?

This is just a gripe of mine, but if I was Geralt’s one true love and I too lost my memory, the first thing I’d want to remember is Geralt and search for him immediately. But then again, Team-Yen fans argue that even though Yen may not have the greatest personality, that’s just her way of showing love. They would also say that she didn’t contact him because she was in the hands of the Nilfguardian Empire at the time.

I don’t want to start a fight, but I’ve got a dilemma which is choosing between them in TW3. I am no where near making that decision. Part of me wants to stick with Triss because I’ve always liked her, but another part of me thinks I should give Yen a chance believing the possibility that she might get better overtime and she won’t always be bitchy. I feel like I should also give her a chance because she is quite beautiful and I like her choker, the pendant looks like a pentagram!

I’ve seen many online debates regarding the Triss vs. Yen love triangle and Yen won when I ran a poll on Facebook on who I should chose to romance.

What do you think? Should I stick with Triss, or give Yen a chance and save Triss for another playthrough?


5 thoughts on “Time with the White Wolf”

  1. I actually thought Triss was a “vile, manipulative cunt” after playing the games… but I recently read the first book and now I’m thinking “You know… She might actually have done the right thing there.” 😂
    Yen’s far worse in the books, and her and Geralt’s relationship is NOT healthy.
    Even then, I’m a huge fan of Yennefer, but I’ll admit I’m a sucker for bitchy characters in general.

    My problem with Triss was mainly that she’s a good friend of Yennefer, yet she still pulled this shit. True, Yen is a major bitch, but in that case, you shouldn’t even be friends with her, Triss!

    I will say this in Yennefer’s defense: She cares a lot about Ciri and most of what she does in Witcher 3 is to find and protect her.

    I have not yet done a playthrough where I picked Triss, so unfortunately I can’t give you much advice on which choice makes for the better story.

    (Oh, and by the way: I actually have a replica of Yen’s choker. It’s gorgeous!)


    1. I don’t know why I’m calling Yen a bitch when in fact there are some characters I love who are also arrogant or nasty like the Arishok and Miraak.

      I see, well like it seems when Yen lost her memory, Triss was able to claim Geralt and Yen was pissed when she found out.

      I think what you explained there is why people like her, because she has a soft side there which I have yet to see. I don’t know how I’m going to get past the way she talks to Geralt if I really want to give her a go cause it sounds like she’s almost being disrespectful to him.

      Oh you do? Cool❤ I am a necklace junkie and have plenty of replicas or fan-made ones from fandoms I love, but I don’t want to get hers unless I actually like her.

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      1. You SHOULD be calling Yen a bitch, because she is.
        I actually just started the second book this morning (I’m going to a Witcher-themed LARP in Poland next week, so I’m totally in Witcher-mode right now), and I’m only in chapter 4, and I think five different characters have already indirectly (some directly) called her a bitch.

        Just because I like her as a character doesn’t mean I don’t think she’s a nasty person 😂

        She treats Geralt horribly, but Geralt’s honestly not much better, because he keeps chasing after her like an idiot, even when she doesn’t want him to.

        You get some explanation for why Yen is like she is in the books, but it really doesn’t justify much of her behavior.

        I don’t think you should be forcing yourself to like her. Most people I know are Team Triss (I even have a Triss figurine in my living room, even though I can’t find a Yennifer one ANYWHERE)

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    1. I have no idea when the show is even going to air. All they have done is announce the casting for some of the characters. I have mixed feelings about Henry playing Geralt. He doesn’t strike me as someone who looks the part. If you want to play the games, the third one’s pretty easy to come by, the other two, it may be a little harder. But from what I heard, you can get away with playing the third and possibly still figure out what happened in games 1 and 2.


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