Music and Bands

Live Sweet in Detroit Electric Bismarck – Music of April 2019

Welcome back to my month in music! I really missed writing these articles at the end of every month. They were a lot easier than weekly ones which I did in the past, so sometimes I don't know why I put them on hold when I only do them once a month. Anyway, it's good… Continue reading Live Sweet in Detroit Electric Bismarck – Music of April 2019



I could have just used what initiates such an attack, but that would give away what this dream is about! I thought that the night before going back to work would involve tossing and turning until 3am, especially since I was playing The Witcher 3 until 9, but maybe I prevented that by going back… Continue reading Obliterate

TV Series

Back to the Waging War

I've neglected to write about this for months and I know there's already multiple announcements about it, but I think it's high time I say my part after stumbling upon this trailer. There are no words other than excitement exploding from inside of me. The Clone Wars is coming back! I though it was… Continue reading Back to the Waging War


When Dupes Ain’t Enough

Happy Easter everyone! I should be downstairs enjoying my blue raspberry martini while I watch my dad cut the turkey, but I feel the need to vent something on my mind lately. This is about beauty stuff alright? So, it all started when my brother's girlfriend came over to stay for a couple of days.… Continue reading When Dupes Ain’t Enough


The Gamertag Remastered

Yep, here's another tag of questions post for everyone to enjoy! I actually enjoy doing these, and find myself open to more of them ever since I moved to WordPress. This particular tag, is not one you need to be nominated for, but the original author Michelle who runs the blog allowed us to… Continue reading The Gamertag Remastered


Mobile Games I’ve Played Then Stopped

Everyone's played a mobile game at some point. They can eat up at your time, they make you impatient sometimes, and they might even make you open your wallet! But like any other game, they are overall addictive. Sometimes I wonder if mobile games are part of the reason for the growth of the female… Continue reading Mobile Games I’ve Played Then Stopped