Lavender Bubbles

Miss me? Well, here I am.

The past 48 hours have been very stressful and I’d like to thank my parents for the carpooling, and my lungs for coping with the deep breathing I did to prevent myself from giving into anxiety.

That’s right, last weekend I did my certification exam. Now I’m not going to discuss the content because that’s confidential but I will give a summary.

Saturday was the practical moving from one station to another. I felt like during the interactive parts I was brief as possible gathering information by confirming what was on the profile as well as any changes, in order to address the main concern and manage my time well. I just hope that that’s what they want me to do. Whenever I realized I had forgotten to mention something, I would write it down in my notebook and let it go. Writing things down always helps. The others that didn’t involve interactions were surprisingly easy. I thought the time constraints would make me anxious, but I’ve gradually trained myself to clear my mind and continue on.

Sunday was me sitting almost seven hours at a desk doing multiple choice. Did I ever tell you how much I hate those kinds of exams? You read them over, (sometimes the question is a whole paragraph) , look at the answers, you might rule out at least two of them that you know are incorrect thus narrowing it down to the other two. At this point you think they both might be right and you might change it and change it again before you realize you have to move on because there’s tons more you still have to complete. Some you might know immediately and others you might end up guessing after reading it over many times and you still can’t think of which answer is right. I think institutes like these stick with MC exams because they’re easy to generate and mark.

When it was finally over, I came home late yesterday afternoon to discover some new beach stuff sitting on my desk chair. To my surprise, my mom informed me that she had booked a beach vacation for us and we fly out tomorrow. I think it’s just what I need right now after working so hard for the past several months, so yeah, I’m looking forward to it and have almost done my packing.

It’ll be hard to put the exam off my mind because one thing that always happens is I start to analyze what I could have done better, and I have to wait at least a month before my results come in. My friends have been extremely supportive and believe I will pass, as they have told me that you don’t need to get 80% – 90% to do so, however it’s very vague about what you’re supposed to get to pass. Well, like I said, I worked really hard so I believe I will pass, even if I had a few mishaps, because this exam has been a burden for me long enough and I don’t want to have to deal with studying for it and doing it again.

Just wanted to share a little update after having my lavender bath.


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