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Back to the Waging War

I’ve neglected to write about this for months and I know there’s already multiple announcements about it, but I think it’s high time I say my part after stumbling upon this trailer.

There are no words other than excitement exploding from inside of me. The Clone Wars is coming back! I though it was done for good and I had a blast binge watching it years ago, and then writing my review of each season.

The series seemed to end with Ahsoka departing the Jedi Order after being falsely accused of bombing the temple. It was actually her friend Barriss Offee responsible for that instead. Then of course, we got one last season and it ended there. Fans like me were desperate for it to return, and as you may know already, the clone wars is my favourite era in the entire Star Wars universe, so I’m so happy it’s returning!

Ahsoka is also one of my favourite Jedi, she is the first lead female Jedi that we get in Star Wars. When I was a little girl, I always imagined myself as a Jedi and was disappointed that all the female Jedi seen in the prequel trilogy were just background characters. Then the Clone Wars series introduced Ahsoka which made me immediately on board to watch it. She’s a very well-developed and influential character to many. Sure, she starts off as some young teen who might come off as a bit bratty but as the series progresses, she matures and learns from her errors.

The series also gives development to the other Jedi of both genders we saw in the background in the movies that I was curious about. Finally, it gives General Grievous a bigger role. So, you can see why I love this series so much.

About the trailer, it seems to pick up right where the series left off where we find out where Ahsoka goes. Judging from the direction the trailer goes, it looks like she eventually does return to the Order, but we shall see if that is true for certain. She seemed pretty pleased to be greeted by Rex and his troopers with their helmets painted to resemble her face.

Ahsoka also appears to have constructed two new lightsabers, to me, they suit her. She always was a Jedi Guardian to me.

But, the biggest surprise was Darth Maul appearing at the end to duel her. His comeback in season 4 was well done, his appearance in Solo also shocked me. It’s clear the franchise is far from done with him.

There’s no known release date yet to my knowledge, (unless some people already know it, they can comment below) but if this is on Netflix first, I’ll watch it and then I’ll buy it to add to my collection of the series.

Note to self: open my box set and start re-watching.


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