Music and Bands

A Birthday Night Moon at the Greenpath Celebration – Music of May 2019

Time for another post about my month in music! This one is rather mellow compared to previous months from what I remember writing. But that doesn't mean this month was full of events, in fact there were some big one's I've already mentioned so let's get started. 5. Katy Perry - Birthday Isn't it… Continue reading A Birthday Night Moon at the Greenpath Celebration – Music of May 2019


Hollow Knight – Into the Void

For a whole year I was wrapped in a dark platformer game that I never thought I'd get through. With danger at every turn, many times I felt I wanted to give up, but what drove me forward was the desire unlock the secrets of Hallownest. I finally finished Hollow Knight, though I will definitely… Continue reading Hollow Knight – Into the Void

TV Series

Don’t Leave Because of Change

I didn't want to ever write this, because in the past I've been guilty of it myself. (Bayformers Optimus Prime anyone?) Now that I've matured, I see it in a while different light. Whether it's a movie, TV show, or video game now that I look back at it: I see fans surrender their loyalty… Continue reading Don’t Leave Because of Change


Putting my Spartan Boots Back On

Funny that you mention it, because I'm not a Spartan when it comes to the Halo fandom. I'm a female Sangheili Supreme Commander in charge of several fleets with a CSO-class Supercarrier as the flagship. I am also the third incarnation of the Ur-Didact and the first hybrid incarnation; half-human/half-Forerunner who restored Mantle's Approach and… Continue reading Putting my Spartan Boots Back On


Celeste – Inner Demons Unleashed

Ever since I saw this game on Steam, I've wanted to play it for a while because of the nostalgic graphics. It looked rather difficult than most platformers I've played, but I decided to give it a chance because there was something that drew me to it. Celeste has been well-received by fans and critics… Continue reading Celeste – Inner Demons Unleashed