Putting my Spartan Boots Back On

Funny that you mention it, because I’m not a Spartan when it comes to the Halo fandom. I’m a female Sangheili Supreme Commander in charge of several fleets with a CSO-class Supercarrier as the flagship.

I am also the third incarnation of the Ur-Didact and the first hybrid incarnation; half-human/half-Forerunner who restored Mantle’s Approach and now commands the galaxy-wide Promethean army.

So why say this now? Maybe I do have a Spartan-self in the Halo fandom that I never put much story into, all I know is that I will be wearing Helioskrill armor that is black with magenta streaks and a matrix pink visor. I am talking about the original Helioskrill variant, not the two variants that 343 decided create, making those like me who worked hard to obtain the original, no longer unique.

But that’s not the point about this post, the point is this:

Ah, those were the days when I played nothing but Halo on the Xbox. I made a comeback at it when the Master Chief Collection came on Xbox. I was looking forward to it because I would finally get to play the story in chronological order. Although I experienced glitches and bugs here and there (though I heard those who got it for multiplayer had it even worse) I still played the hell out of MCC.

Now, 343 is planning to release MCC for PC. I was shocked at first to hear this because I always thought that Halo was going to remain exclusive to Xbox, but Halo seems to have got bigger since the 5th game so maybe that’s why. Regardless, I’m excited to play this on Teletraan-1. 343 plans to carry achievements and player stats over to the platform so I won’t have to start over in my rank.

I am hoping that 343 has learned their lesson with MCC’s last release, so this time on Steam they’re going to release each game gradually, starting with Reach. Hopefully that has less technical issues resulting in less angry players. Even though I’m a bigger fan of the Elites and Forerunners, I still love John’s story and am wearing my green 117 shirt as I write this. (I also have a military green tank top with that number on it too). I also like the story on Reach as well.

There’s no release date yet, just like with Silksong another game I am looking forward to. But, I’m not surprised because it will no doubt take a while for 343 to make the game be able to work on PC.

If you’re interested, you can read my reviews for the Halo games 1-4.

Combat Evolved Review

Halo 2 Anniversary

Halo 3

Halo 4

The reviews I think are kind of choppy compared to any of my more recent reviews as I was still trying to construct the way I write them. I also have one for the 5th game but I doubt anyone will be interested after the negative attention it received in the groups. I should review Reach though, as I put so many hours into that game, I think I will do that once I play through it again when it releases for PC.


10 thoughts on “Putting my Spartan Boots Back On”

  1. I was never able to get into Halo as a teen but I loved watching my guy friends play! Similarly I like reading about it. The music was always amazing too. I’m looking forward to Silksong as wel! 🙂

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    1. Halo has a great soundtrack, One Final Effort from Halo 3 has amazing piano music. I got into Halo through my brother but I’m not one of those pro players. The books are good too, especially the Forerunner trilogy. Gotta experience the other HK endings as I have only got the first and complete the DLCs. Ideally I would like to finish my review before Silksong is released! 🤣


    1. That’s exactly what it does for me now that I’m mainly a PC gamer. But I played Halo so much back then since freshman year of high school.


  2. Some great memories of Halo, particularly the 360 releases and 4 player co-op! The battle on the beach in 3 with the Scarab, I took a mongoose off a raised platform and Evil Kneiveled it onto the back of the Scarab before taking it down with a sticky grenade.

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    1. Sounds like a memorable moment. Most of the time I would just do co-op with one other person. I think I may know which Scarab battle you’re referring to, is it the one on The Storm level? If yes, I used to just wait on the tower until it was below me and then jump on it. If not then which level?


      1. That’s the level! It was a tower with an elevator on that I took the elevator on, it was one of those “I wonder if the game will let me do this” moments

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      2. I knew it hahaha! Seems The Storm is the level to do crazy shite, but then again every level has something to offer. In the second last level of Reach I must have missed the Scorpion so I tried to go through the heavy forces after the AA guns in a Revenant instead, took so many tries but I finally did it once I knew where those FRG rounds were coming from.


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