Danger Skyfall Imminent

Last night’s dream made me think of Dinosaur again and the cool effects that movie has. You know, it’s that Disney movie that came out in 2000 that is extremely underrated.

I was watching the sunset over a lake at the edge of a cliff and saw on the horizon things falling into the lake.

For that moment, I wanted to imagine Aladar beside me and the lemurs in the tree behind me.

But no, it was me alone as I watched the sky fall and suspected something was wrong.

In the movie, I recall this part that builds up towards the large meteorite falling into the water. Plio’s daughter Suri asks Aladar what’s falling out of the sky and then climbs up to the tree’s canopy to get a better view. As the meteors fall in the distance, the music starts to grow, and Yar notices in the sky where it is darker, the birds are flying off. You know how it is, a loud noise or crash and birds take flight away from it. He sniffs the air and suspects something is wrong, this is when you hear the bird’s cries and music grow louder. Perhaps he smelled smoke. Plio then looks for Suri which Aladar tells her that Suri is up in the tree. The sky lights up, the music intensifies, and we see a large meteorite fall and hit the water. Then everything falls silent and into slow motion as everyone watches until the large wave of water hits the island like a shockwave.

After that, that was the part where I thought the explosion was producing more meteorites in smaller sizes or just other meteorites falling after it.

That whole scene from that movie, is what last night’s dream was like. Another moment from that movie where you only see the details of how it is executed when you’re an adult. As a kid, you just focus on what happens in general. In this dream, when the meteor hit the water, I remember screaming when the huge wave from the explosion came towards me, but it wasn’t like in the movie. Instead, it was a huge tsunami and I ran fast until I was suddenly airborne but there were no other meteorites falling.

Was the whole point of this dream to remember something from my childhood, or is it to represent something coming that I’m afraid of? Could be related to the fact that my exam results could be here any day now and part of me is not looking forward to it because I don’t want the results to be a fail.

Whatever it means, I love how vivid it was; it felt like I was in the movie. This isn’t the first time though.

It’s once again a reminder that I need to watch it again. Why haven’t done that yet still?


2 thoughts on “Danger Skyfall Imminent”

    1. I know right? So many memories, plus I think Dinosaur’s soundtrack is incredible. Once you get to know me, I’m very good at remembering these things from various movies and stuff. When I dream something, I like to take what I remember and let my imagination do the rest to make it like short story. Not too much in this case since that movie pretty much shaped the dream. šŸ¤£

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