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Don’t Leave Because of Change

I didn’t want to ever write this, because in the past I’ve been guilty of it myself. (Bayformers Optimus Prime anyone?)

Now that I’ve matured, I see it in a while different light. Whether it’s a movie, TV show, or video game now that I look back at it: I see fans surrender their loyalty to such a thing because something happened that put them off.

One time I wrote an article about how stupid I found fans abandoning their favourite musicians because they had different political views. This is the same idea and still just as dumb.

A couple of weeks ago, in the show Station 19, the hot Seattle Fire Chief named Lucas Ripley died in the hospital with his girlfriend Victoria Hughes (also a firefighter but a rookie compared to him) by his side. He suffered exposure to a chemical during a fire at a coffee factory that proved to be fatal.

I was heartbroken at first because I had a crush on Ripley the moment I first saw him. He was so handsome; played by Brett Tucker too. I really liked how Brett made a video on the show’s official Instagram page where he said he was checking up on us fans, since he believed that we were all emotionally distraught after that episode ended. In the comments, were countless teenage girls getting angry over Ripley’s death and vowing to never watch the show again.

Pathetic, stupid, and likely not going to happen. They probably came back for the episode after that anyway. I thanked Brett for giving me Ripley to swoon over and kept watching because I still liked the story and still had Officer Ryan Tanner to melt over. (he’s played by Alberto Frezza)

The same thing is going on with Game of Thrones right now *spoiler alert* (note to self, start brainstorming what I’m going to write for season 8 when its over) Daenerys Targaryen, instead of heeding to the bells ringing in surrender. She gazes at the Red Keep and decides to use Drogon to roast most of the city and the people out of revenge for all she’s lost and been through, the lack of love she’s received upon arriving to Westeros, and as a means to demonstrate an act of appealing fear and demonstrating power that she is fit to rule.

In a way, I can understand her actions no matter how wrong it is to do. But I will get into that for the post where I actually do review season 8 after its conclusion. Regardless, I still love her for being an empowering figure to women like myself.

So yeah, there goes my ADHD again rambling about something else before getting to the point!

I heard a petition was circulating the Internet for season 8 to be retconned. Some people I know have started to be haters and some refuse to watch the final episode on Sunday.

Lame once again.

After some long and hard thinking about why I used to react the way I did about Optimus’ aggressive turn when I was a teenager, I began to realize: What’s the point of getting upset? It’s entertainment, it’s not real. Sure, we can use it to escape reality for a bit but this shit happens all the time in it. Characters die, change, hook up, break up, etc. If you love that character with all your heart, that’s okay. If you don’t approve of something that happens to them, that’s okay too, but bitching and whining about it online how much you hate it and that you’ll never watch again……… wait for it…..


It’s like crying over spilled milk.

We fans unfortunately do not have control over our favourite shows and what happens to our favourite characters, no matter how much we love them. I can’t help but worry sometimes what will be done with some characters I love in certain universes that are still alive and well. But after the obsessions I’ve had with it in the past and the criticism and lectures I’ve endured, it’s not worth it anymore.

No matter how heartbroken I end up if in a future Halo book or game, they decide to kill off Rtas ‘Vadum or do something similar to him like they did with the Ur-Didact, I will never stop playing. If Dany doesn’t get the Iron Throne on Sunday, I’ll still rewatch the series from beginning to end.

Why? Because again, one negative does NOT overrule the countless positives to make me turn in my badge as a fan.

And if you don’t like the ending or what happened to that character, that’s what writing fanfiction is for!

Who agrees?


11 thoughts on “Don’t Leave Because of Change”

  1. I completely agree. Normally I enjoy going on Twitter and talking about the shows, but it has been so toxic, I’ve had to limit myself on social. It’s ok to have an opinion, but not be nasty and rude about the writers.

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    1. Exactly, I used to use Twitter too but quit because of that, and other reasons. No writer deserves to be harassed online just because they chose to kill off a character. My blog is the only place I can freely express myself because of toxicity now.

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  2. I love this and it’s so prevalent now, we all (myself included) think our opinion is gospel and it has to be heard. Now there’s nothing wrong with discussing things, saying where you think a story arc or scene has failed, how you think it could have worked but I think the internet at large has gone too far the other way and many fans of many franchises won’t accept anything that they haven’t set up in their mind, if a character doesn’t follow that personal inner script then it’s deemed as “out of character” if a series does something they don’t like it’s “they ruined my childhood”. I don’t like Bayformers either, I watched each of them, made my own opinion and moved on to the next thing and stuck with my G1 DVDs

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    1. Yes I agree that it’s perfectly fine to dislike a plot or character that doesn’t make sense or whatever. But as we both say, ranting online saying things….well like the quotes you mentioned doesn’t do anything. It can’t “ruin” your childhood because your childhood is all in the past now. When the Bayformers turned Optimus violent, I started watching the G1, Transformers Prime and playing the video games and I’m happy.😊


  3. Good read. Did make me wonder if the push to serialisation may be one of The contributory factors. In the ‘days gone by’ with syndicated television and self contained episodes you largely knew week in week out the status quo would hardly change besides the finale and maybe not even then ala Star Trek, x files what have you. Then as serialisation came in if you got invested in a show due to its constant changing nature you got heavily invested and a sense of entitlement creeped in to the extent you felt a degree of ownership over it unlike before.

    Anyway just me rambling.

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    1. I’m not good with big words 🤣

      But anyway, I think do see what you mean. We spend a lot of time watching and get really attached to it, and we get really attached to the way things currently are that we don’t want anything to change. Like with Daenerys for instance. I think that’s the message you’re implying. If there’s more to it my apologies, and you’re allowed to ramble.

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      1. That’s absolutely. I think the level of attachment has probably grown in the last few years with shows that have long storylines like Game of Thrones and feel the impact of sudden changes. Your piece was an enjoyable read 🙂

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