Celebrate Good Times

I must write quickly because I’ve been jumping up and down since the moment I opened my computer with both my parents next to me.

I’m sure you all read my anxiety post from yesterday how scared I was for today to come. The most common problem you deal with when you have anxiety is over-analyzing everything, getting scared, breaking down, etc. And then when the event finally comes, everything turns out all right.

Well, that’s what happened, everything DID turn all right.

I am happy to announce that I have successfully passed my certification exam, both the practical and the multiple choice portion! All I have to do now is finish my training and then this little ginger will officially be a registered Pharmacy Technician! Sometimes I can’t believe it after all the stress and hard work studying, getting through the exam in one piece and enduring the long wait, I made it.

I remember at work I had this lump in my stomach ever since my friend asked me about it and my supervisor even suggested I go home early to check if I wanted to. But I told her I was willing to wait.

I’m so frickin happy that my hard work paid off!

What am I going to do now, I think it’s time to do something fun to celebrate the occasion.


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