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Game of Thrones Season 8 – Let Me Down

WARNING: The article/rant you’re about to read contains a massive amount of spoilers. If you are not caught up with Game of Thrones, do NOT proceed any further!

Still here? Alright you’ve been warned. This is it. Game of Thrones has come to an end. After five years of being engrossed in this series, I felt like it went out with a thud instead of a memorable bang. Most of the bloggers I follow were reviewing each episode weekly, but my style is different so this is going to be rather lengthy.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of positives for this season. I was really hoping it was going to blow me out of the water, but I went to bed last night rather upset and confused about what just happened.

So, let’s start with each episode shall we?

1. Winterfell


In this episode, Jon and Dany’s forces arrive in Winterfell to prepare for the battle against the dead. This was the part I was looking forward to the most, to see how everyone would cooperate. Dany was expecting to be welcomed with opened arms by everyone, but instead she was treated rather coldly, especially by the Stark children because Sansa has such a long-time grudge and Bran knows the truth about Jon that would make him better fit to rule than her. Dany also openly tells Sam about her execution of his father and brother which was really unnecessary.

I love her but ever since the last season, she’s been really focused on getting people to like her and has been using less mercy than she did before. What are you doing? What happened to freeing people and your sense of compassion in general?

Cersei also didn’t get her elephants which she was pretty upset about and Jon picked up learning to ride Rhaegal pretty fast. I was hoping Rhaegal would get a rider but it was rather sudden that Jon became a master of it already. Not much happens in this one.

2. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Brienne is knighted

This episode to me felt like a calm before the storm but I think I’ve seen better now that I look back at it. Everyone is just relaxing really. Arya surprisingly gets laid with Gendry even though I thought she wasn’t that kind of girl. Brienne was knighted which was cool I guess. Dany’s still trying to unsuccessfully appeal to the Northerners, especially Sansa.

She never really considered after all, what would happen to the other places outside of King’s Landing proving she doesn’t know much about what Westeros has been like during her absence and that just pointed as concern for me that I wasn’t going to get what I wanted in the end. One thing that really made it end well was Jon telling Dany at the last minute his true heritage but she had no time to react because the horn blasted three times warning the dead’s arrival.

3. The Long Night

The Night King

So yeah, this is where we were going to have our battle against the dead; one of the biggest highlights of the season that I was looking forward to. Now this is where things get wordy in this post so cope if you can.

During this fight, I was squinting my eyes most of the time trying to see where the good guys and bad guys were because it was too dark to see anything. The Dothraki were wasted right from the start and the Unsullied were overrun. Melisandre’s flaming trench didn’t really work because wights are apparently fast learners despite not really having brains. While it was cool for Jon and Dany to pursue the Night King in the stratosphere, they both failed to stop him.

At first, I dismissed that this battle sucked but if I were to watch Lord of the Rings again I’d see why people said what they said. Every battle in that trilogy you could easily see the good and bad guys as well as the battle itself was just well-shot in general. Even the battle of Helm’s Deep with all that rain was well done.

Remember that prophecy that Melisandre brought up before both of Jon and Dany? Well, there was fan speculation that Jon was Azor Ahai and Dany would become the Nissa Nissa. Imagine a ritual in a chamber of how that would be conducted and upon her death Lightbringer would be born and Jon would used it to kill the Night King. That could have happened after Melisandre could reveal to them as the only way to kill the Night King and if Dany was willing to put her conquest on hold to help Jon, then perhaps she would participate nonetheless and know her sacrifice would not be in vain. But no, that’s not what happened. Even though I didn’t want Dany to die, if she were to anyway, I wanted it to be well executed but again that’s not what happened, more on that later.

Instead we got Lyanna Mormont’s attempt at a heroic effort to kill a giant wight while getting crushed in the process, Arya evading wights Jurassic Park style, and Theon dies a redeemed man defending Bran which I’d say was a good move. Arya is the one who ends up killing the Night King. As badass as that was, are the writers trying to overpower the character? The saddest was Dany mourning Jorah as Drogon lies beside her. Jorah’s been proven tough to kill but was no match for the dead. I’m actually quite surprised how many main characters survived this fight.

4. The Last of the Starks

The Starks

Okay, this is where things were really starting to infuriate me. Like, Sansa was so desperate for Jon to rule that she told Tyrion about Jon’s heritage even though Jon asked both her and Arya to swear to secrecy. Jon also didn’t pet Ghost goodbye when he asked Tormund to take care of his direwolf from now on.

Dany’s already planning an attack, but her advisors are begging her to reconsider. Many times Dany has stated she wants to take initiative now and dismisses that she will never be what her father was. I already was starting to fear that before the next episode. But as soon as Rhaegal went down too easily by Euron’s ballista did I rage and beg for him to die in the next episode. You know I want the killer of a dragon to be killed right away!

When Dany approaches the gates of King’s Landing with her remaining Unsullied and Drogon she watches in horror as her good friend Missandei is beheaded by Gregor Clegane. Then Dany angrily storms off, that left me fearful of what she was going to become that none of us wanted her to be. This is where the writing got really bad.

5. The Bells

Arya gone through hell and back

I suspected Varys’ treason since the last episode. When he told Jon that he should rule instead and started to say what Dany would do instead, Jon interrupted though I would love to hear what Varys was going to say.

All of a sudden Dany appears to be the way she was from the beginning: alone and afraid that the world is against her and that Jon will overthrow her. He has now become a threat and she is still mourning her losses; ever since she came to Westeros she has only lost allies and has not received any love like she did in Essos. Looking at all these things she has suffered, I tried to see how it influenced her choice to continue the attack on King’s Landing herself even though the city had surrendered. She was probably also aware that Tyrion had conspired with Jaime to ring the bells so that no innocent lives would be lost. Once she figured out that she didn’t get her way, was so consumed by revenge from all the allies she lost and two of her dragons, and was caught up in the moment of seeing what was taken from her right there, that was what caused her to go on a rampage with Drogon and roast everything and everyone indiscriminately.

Do I think it was wrong for her to do? Absolutely. I was disappointed and also devastated after all she did to help free people in the East to give them a better future, and how she was just a positive role model for women like myself. She gave me a sense of empowerment in life. I also just loved her in general for just being a commander of dragons like I fantasize about and draw pictures of myself doing in a dragon-like form. Now that she had become what she swore to never be, I just felt utterly betrayed, but I still loved her for all of the good things she did in the past and couldn’t bring myself to stop. I was willing to see this through.

But hey at least we finally got our Cleganebowl even though both brothers were killed. Cersei’s long-awaited death was far too anticlimactic though.

6. The Iron Throne

My queen didn't deserve this.
First I was angry, then I cried, this was just wrong.

Of course that’s what it’s called. Everyone is just staring in awe as Dany looks upon the ruined city. Somehow her Dothraki and Unsullied have respawned completely as if none of them were killed in the battle against the dead. Dany declares that she is not done her conquest and will take over the rest of the world. I was still recovering from what I saw in the last episode and suspected things were not going to end the way I wanted them to. It’s pretty hard to forgive someone who just slaughtered an entire city of innocent people.

Dany never even got a chance to sit on the Iron Throne (which somehow remained intact after the destruction) because Jon eventually was convinced to betray her and stabbed her heart when they kissed and felt very remorseful for it. At that moment I felt like someone ripped my heart out and crushed it. I couldn’t bring myself to hate Jon for it though.

I’m just talking as a typical Dany-fan: She deserved better after all she lost, I didn’t want her to die, hell I didn’t want her to go crazy either. I was hoping she’d not be so stubborn, listen to her advisors, or see the error of her ways and choose to exile herself back to the East over death or something as a punishment for her actions. But that’s not what the writers wanted. They basically decided to shit on fans that loved her in my opinion, but then again it’s GOT, were you expecting a happy ending where all is forgiven? Every victory that came in this show was always bittersweet.

I am certainly not alone on who was devastated by her death and how it was done. Not only was it heartbreaking since she’s one of the most loved characters of the series, but it also felt extremely anticlimactic. Not to mention the saddest part was when Drogon arrived and when he saw his mother wasn’t waking up, he roared mournfully and then melted the Iron Throne like: “If mama can’t have it, then no one can!” then he picked up her body in his claws and carried her off into the sky to who knows where. Either it would be back to the East where she can be laid to rest by the people who did love her, or off to that mysterious dragon land mentioned in the books. I was angry at first but then I cried, now she can see Drogo again and ride in the Night Lands with him maybe?

How about he takes her to a Red Priestess in Essos to bring her back?

After that, the rest of the episode just made no sense to me. The remaining houses decided to elect Bran to be the new king for some reason. I just felt like it was too out of the blue, like Bran? Really? He’s become the most emotionless character since season 6. He wants to find out where Drogon went for some reason.

Arya decides to set sail for the West to discover what’s there. Jon chooses exile to the Night’s Watch for killing Dany, so he is essentially back where he started, at least he pet Ghost this time! Poor little wolf lost an ear in the Winterfell battle.

At first I wanted to be upset that Dany’s death also meant no more strong women ruling because unfortunately in the Middle Ages, men were always considered first as heirs to thrones or Lords of a noble house and women were only if there was no other option. But I guess I shouldn’t say that now now that Sansa is Queen in the North as she convinced everyone that the North should remain independent. I know she was annoying at times, and she’s not a strong character who can wield a sword, but she’s strong diplomatically, you know like Padme.

So yeah that’s it, that’s how it ends. I feel kind of let down to be honest, it’s like everything was rushed and not well-written. I feel like a lot of things could have been done differently because a lot of things were very anticlimactic like I said.

I don’t care what anyone says. Daenerys Targaryen will always be the one true queen to me because of the influence she’s had on fans like me in previous seasons and just how much I’ve loved her development as a character that started from the beginning. She overcame abuse, rape, slavery, misogyny, and became a strong confident woman, and the fact she had dragons and I just fucking love dragons is a plus.

So, I still love the series over all and will probably have a marathon of it again someday. If the last two books are ever released, I hope they treat Dany and other characters I like better. Hell, it might make me love the books more!

Alright, I’m sorry this was horribly long to read but I hope you enjoyed it. I didn’t hate this season, I just wish it was done a way better than it was. It’s probably my least favourite now. But I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. I almost got mad believing the writers and the other men who worked on this season are trying to enforce a stereotype that women aren’t fit to be in charge and will go mad if they can’t. Having her just go out like that just makes me realize the show never really wanted to have the strong women in charge anyway, what a coincidence since there weren’t many women working on that season anyway! Pathetic. But let’s not get too political shall we?

When any prequels or spinoffs are released, I will definitely watch them and HBO has another series planned later this year that has caught my interest and I will write about that later.


PS: I kept wishing Dany was going to come back reincarnated as a dragon after time had passed where the castle looked repaired during that meeting.

9 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 8 – Let Me Down”

  1. Nothing about this season sat right with me. It felt like badly written fanfiction with a high production value. It was all gorgeous of course, but I was mainly like “Thanks, I hate it.” for the whole thing. Feelsbadman.

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    1. Yes that’s pretty much how I feel too. 💔 honestly a lot of characters deserved better, especially Jon, Dany, and even Cersei.

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  2. I never warmed to Danaerys, I always felt like she was pretty much on the edge, not as much of a loose cannon as her brother as she was occasionally willing to listen to her advisers but, in my opinion, she was always very much of the belief that her right to the throne was all that mattered. Maybe I misunderstood her, she’s not the only one I never took to. I think what happened with her, and Jon I suppose, were the right things to happen based upon their histories (and it was a change to see Jon actually do something for a change rather than stand there looking confused) but I think the writers did all the main political players a disservice in deciding this season would be (1) the last and (2) constructed weirdly. If it had to be the last season, make it a standard length one and allow the decisions made by the characters to breathe and the repurcussions to come naturally, instead everything felt a little forced and, I’m not speaking for you here, I think alot of the fans’ frustrations with arcs for characters like Dany are down to that and these events would have felt more in line with the characters if it hadn’t all have been rushed

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    1. I think they should have gone back to doing ten episodes per season. I think this downfall of both of them began with what happened in season 7. Dany became very stubborn at that time once she arrived in Westeros. If they were going to kill her off, it could have been done in a more climatic way to me and this one just didn’t feel that way to me. Hence why I suggested the Lightbringer prophecy thing.

      But what I really didn’t like was her transformation into what you’d call a mad queen was just so sudden and sprung on us. Like there have been other characters in the series that have changed over time. Arya Stark didn’t become a master assassin overnight for instance. Jon spent 5 seasons at the Night’s Watch before becoming Lord Commander. I loved how she would constantly outwit her male opponents in previous seasons who believed she could not rule and then. But her change was just too quick with no warning almost, she didn’t go out with a memorable bang, she went out with a tiny thud and that’s just sad.


  3. I’m left with the feeling that this whole season could easily be salvaged… if only it had been longer. I don’t really disagree with any of the events, just the horrible execution of some of them.
    After all these years, they really couldn’t do an extra 4 episodes to make sure things happened that would cause the various characters’ change of heart to make sense…?

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    1. Oh I agree that a lot of things were poorly executed. I liked it back when it was ten episodes per season. Things were just a lot more structured you know.

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      1. Yeah exactly. I remember seasons 1-4 where phenomenal. I couldn’t put down the first three books. I can only hope now that when the books pick up where they left off that they treat Dany better and other characters that the show unfortunately killed like Ser Barristan.

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