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A Birthday Night Moon at the Greenpath Celebration – Music of May 2019

Time for another post about my month in music! This one is rather mellow compared to previous months from what I remember writing.

But that doesn’t mean this month was full of events, in fact there were some big one’s I’ve already mentioned so let’s get started.

5. Katy Perry – Birthday

Isn’t it obvious? May is my birthday month and I leveled up to 26 this year on the 7th. I didn’t do anything exciting, just went out to dinner. Then I rewarded myself with some of L’occitane’s new lip collection, a few binge nights of Witcher 3 and my friend got me tickets for KISS this August. (More on that later)

This song has catchy written all over it and is perfect for the occasion, it’s colorful and creative in its own way.

4. Phil Collins – One More Night

This is a beautiful song that I heard at work a few times. A couple of days before I was expected to receive my exam results, this song came on the radio while I was taking care of the order that had arrived and there was just something so calming about it. I felt like it really helped my anxiety subside since at that time, I was still in the unknown.

I have a friend who is a massive fan of Phil, and I only knew him in the past for his work on the Tarzan soundtrack, but once you look beyond that, you realized there’s more to them than just that. But this song really relaxes me enough, it could serve as a good lullaby too.

3. Mia Martina – Latin Moon

Everyone’s heard Stereo Love on the radio, but this one is far better in my opinion. Years ago, I used to watch the Much Countdown with my mom on Saturday nights and one time this song was played with this music video.

I’m not a fan of the video, but the song is beautiful and for some reason it made me think of Rtas ‘Vadum and I (either as human in a white dress with a pink ribbon, or my Sangheili OC: Emili ‘Vadum) walking on the beach together after sunset. That’s all I’m going to reveal! Maybe I just think that that image is better than what this music video had. As always in my imagination, I always seem to think that my version of a music video is better!

2. Hollow Knight OST – Greenpath

This is one of the many lovely tracks from the Hollow Knight soundtrack. For such a dark game, you wouldn’t expect this game to have such calming music like in the Greenpath! But that’s exactly what makes this game so good. I went with this particular track because it makes me think of spring, and when I first made it to the Greenpath, that’s when I started to like this game even more since I didn’t expect there to be any environment or music like this in Hallownest.

A lot of players say they like the part where the music gets faster at the 2:26 mark. In the game, that part only plays when you attempt to get across the long tunnel of thorns with flying Durandas to reach Nailmaster Sheo’s home. But I personally prefer the calmer portion of the track. It feels kind of strange listening to this on YouTube, because I’m so used to hearing it in the background while playing! I think it also serves as a reminder that I need to return to the game soon.

1. Madonna – Celebration

I was originally going to put the music video, until I discovered that it didn’t sound like the version I loved listening to as a teenager.

Three guesses why this is my number one today?

I definitely wanted to pick something that’s upbeat in pop or rock that is like a party song because of the huge achievement I made this month passing my PEBC Qualifying exam. Many times I had doubts that I wasn’t going to the first time despite how hard I worked. When I first looked at the results and saw my ID number on all three pages, I wasn’t jumping for joy and cheering just yet. First I was shocked and didn’t believe it, but as soon as I realized that it was real, that’s when I wanted to cheer and dance around my room victoriously. So yeah, definitely suitable for the occasion.

But what I actually picture when I listen to this song is Emi Takori (My Star Wars OC) battling a large CIS Army on whatever planet I choose, and she confronts General Grievous by the time the song reaches its bridge, and well you should know what happens from there if you know me very well! There are actually a lot of songs that make me think of her dueling Grievous.

So that’s it for this month, I’m so glad that the biggest portion of my journey to registration is over. My training will hopefully be over soon, I know based on my last assessment that I’m almost there and there are just a few more things I need to improve on. So we’ll see how that goes because I’m hoping to finish before the end of the year.

Until next time.


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