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A Speechless Birdie and Clarity Angel Overture – Music of June 2019

So, here we are at another month's end. While half of it consisted of me finishing up my training and getting licensed, the other half dragged, but it'll only be temporary. Here are the highlights: 5. Naomi Scott - Speechless I went to see the Aladdin remake this month and it was really good.… Continue reading A Speechless Birdie and Clarity Angel Overture – Music of June 2019


Why Isn’t Dragon Beauty A Thing?

The beauty industry has a thing for mythical creatures, but dragons don't seem to be a part of it. For years now it's been all about unicorns, mermaids, and sometimes even fairies too. When I was in elementary school I read books about those creatures. In 6th grade we had a sewing activity every week,… Continue reading Why Isn’t Dragon Beauty A Thing?

TV Series

I Want a Daemon

Now that Game of Thrones is over, I'm asking myself what's next until the prequel series comes? HBO showed me incredible things and I'm just itching for more. HBO often announces new upcoming series, especially when another ends. While everyone seemed interested in Chernobyl, I became excited for His Dark Materials. Unpopular opinion here:… Continue reading I Want a Daemon

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The Fictional Characters Tag

Everyone knows how much I love fictional characters. Some of them I want to date, others I want as a best friend or sibling. None of them are real, but in my heart they are, and they make me happy in the darkest times. So I have decided to create a tag dedicated to fictional… Continue reading The Fictional Characters Tag