Unity Duty Destiny

I had a bad case of insomnia Sunday night, and a wave of anxiety upon coming home yesterday evening but all through it, I was reminded to keep a smile on my face while out doing my part to help people because when I finally fell asleep last night, I had a dream of being on a place that I have not been to in my dreams since, since forever.

Mata Nui
If you know what island this is before continuing to read the article, then you had an awesome childhood

When was the last time I went to Mata Nui in my dreams anyway? Elementary school? If you thought it was uncommon for girls to like Halo, think again!

This dream started with me waking up on the shore lying on a broken wooden board; clearly I was shipwrecked. The beach was peaceful and life forms were not present, although there was a strange mask-like face statue made of stone. Looking at it sent massive doses of nostalgia in my body.

Then footsteps were heard behind me. I turned around and there was nothing there. I approached the statue to see it covered in moss and surrounded by lush jungle. That meant I must be on the island’s Southern shore.

I ventured into the jungle and at first I was walking through vines and branches until I came to an opening with a wide path. It looked like a route you’d see if you’ve been to Central Park. This is definitely not what would be in the Le-Wahi region from what I remember!

Then I felt something hit me from behind. I swerved around to see nothing again until it hit me on the side. I was frantically searching to find out what it was to no avail and then I started to run down the path until I was cornered by the invisible force.

Suddenly, several vines dropped from above and tangled the monster pulling it upside down to hang from a tree. the creature became visible revealing it to be a Bohrok: A Lehvak-kal to be specific. I almost didn’t believe it because what I remember from the lore, Bohrok don’t have a cloaking ability. But then again, this is a dream so anything is possible.

I looked around to see who tangled Lehvak in those vines and saw someone jump down from the tree above with vine to steady his landing. I didn’t have to guess to know it was Lewa.

Bad quality, I know. Took this as a screenshot and this is what happens when there is only one movie to choose from, but still 😍

First he inspected the dangling Bohrok to make sure it was secure and turned to look at me. I still have a thing for him so I started to thank him all cheerfully and was expecting him to be a little embarrassed, but he seemed rather chill about it and smiled saying it was nothing. You see, that’s why I love him, for that cheerful attitude of his, that he tries to make his job more fun, and the fact we have a mutual love for nature.

Then he started to ask about me because he had never seen a “creature” like me before. I told him I was shipwrecked on the island and was desperate to explore. Before he could offer any means of helping me get somewhere, something strange happened. I started to float in the air. No wings this time, I was just flying. Lewa got all excited like

“Oh you fly too? Let’s go!”

He took out those blades that he uses to fly himself and before I knew it, we were soaring above the island side by side, and circling around it. I could see the volcano in the center, the ice and desert in the North, then there was the Naho bay, followed by the ashen lands closest to the foot of the volcano. I started to turn for that area as Lewa followed me, but woke up by the time I landed.

If I could recall any of the previous Bioncle-themed dreams I’ve had, then I would totally write about them here because I don’t have them enough. Although it was great to hang with Lewa in this dream, I wish the other Toa appeared as well as they have in previous dreams!

My life is about to get a lot more stressful and less constructive than it was for the past eight months, so it’s nice to have these dreams to take me to another world during the night when I stay asleep. Please let me have more of these.


PS: Feel free to learn more about how Bionicle impacted my childhood here.

6 thoughts on “Unity Duty Destiny”

  1. Haha, as soon as I saw the map, I was going to sarcastically comment “Hey that looks like Mata-Nui from Bionicle”.

    Then I read the article and it ACTUALLY WAS Mata-Nui. Awesome! There’s definitely not enough Bionicle on this world 🙂

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    1. Hahaha that’s what I was hoping would happen to anyone who reads this! Bionicle was a significant part of my childhood thanks to my brother, then he gave away all his figures and I kept the Makuta figure as a memento. It’s definitely a very underrated part of the Lego franchise.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, recently my nephews discovered my own huge collection and they love ’em to bits!

        Did you know that the Bionicle franchise almost single handedly saved Lego from going bankrupt? The more you know…

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      2. That’s pretty sweet, wait what? I didn’t know that! No wonder it seemed so popular back then. Between you and me, I wish there was a TV series that took place before Mask of Light. I would love to have that so we can get more adventures from the Toa as I loved them in the movie yet their role was not major.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Well, there are the other 2 movies that are set in Metru-Nui, you know, Vakama and the other Toa Metru. Plenty of Toa action there, although I admit, nothing comes close to the Toa Nuva 🙂

        Actually, there is a metric fuckton of additional Bionicle content: comics, books, games, short animation etc. It’s almost frightening how deeply realized the lore ist.

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      4. Yes I’ve seen that movie too. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who loves the Toa Nuva, I added a ping back to this post about the first Bionicle article I wrote if you’re interested. 😊


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