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The Fictional Characters Tag

Everyone knows how much I love fictional characters. Some of them I want to date, others I want as a best friend or sibling. None of them are real, but in my heart they are, and they make me happy in the darkest times. So I have decided to create a tag dedicated to fictional characters.

I’m pretty sure someone else made this long ago. Starting this from scratch is harder than taking an idea from someone else because then you have to prepare the questions yourself. So, I wrote down a bunch of questions and I’ll answer them here for you.

1. Which character was your first love?


Optimus Prime, easy-peasy-lemon-squeazie. I use the movie version of him for this post because that was the version of him that I saw first. I was totally obsessed with him in my teen years, my friends would tease me about it but it was all good intentions. I still have my large plush doll of him on my bed and it’ll be freezing in hell before I give it away. Everyone needs something to console with when they can’t talk to another human being, so that’s what I use.

I found him to be very influential and his words that freedom was the right of all sentient beings, inspired me to stop trying to be someone I’m not and just be myself. Therefore in high school I stopped trying to fit in and went to dress my own way and enjoy my own interests. As the more of the movies were released, I started to dislike his growing aggressive personality since what made me love him was his strong sense of compassion and justice displayed in mainly the first movie. Soon, I then expanded my love for him and my taste in the franchise in general towards the video games and animated series both the G1 and Prime and that’s where I am now as a fan.

2. How would you describe all the characters you love with one word?

Extraterrestrial! Why? Simple, almost all of the characters I love (or at least the ones I love the most) are aliens. Ever wonder why I always sign at the end of each of my posts with the alien emoji next to my name? Now you know why! Ever since I got into sci-fi and fantasy, I always found the non-human characters to be the most interesting. They just seem to have more intriguing personalities, and if they possess good looks for an alien, that’s a plus.

Think about it this way: imagine an alien race so highly disciplined due to their military, like the angarans from Andromeda. They have spent decades fighting the kett, but they are very free with their emotions which makes them be seen as something more than battle-hardened soldiers which is a stereotype that they have no feelings.

It just makes them more human in a way. This can apply to other alien races I love, not just the angarans. Then there’s the Klingons who are warriors at heart, but in that final season of The Next Generation where Worf becomes romantically involved with Deanna just shows that even a serious warrior can have a soft side. Then there could be other alien races who aren’t soldiers and are still emotional. They also have more interesting history and culture too!

3. A character you love that most people hate?

Shadow of Sundered Star, or the Didact that he is commonly known as. There’s also quite a few fans who like him, but I’m talking about the mainstream of Halo fans. It’s very easy to dislike him before you like him because of Halo 4’s portrayal of him: lack of screen time and very Disney-villain like approach. I was curious about him so I invested in learning his backstory through books, articles, and short clips. Then, I came to love him afterwards believing he still had good in him. Unfortunately, there will always be a lot of players that just don’t want to bother investing their time in learning more about a character’s story if most of it is not present the game, therefore it’s just easier to be a hater. A real shame.

4. A character you like with a strict personality.

Definitely Worf, I’ve had a thing for him since I was a kid and sometimes watched Star Trek with my dad, but I didn’t realize it until I was older. I wanted to ask myself why? Is it his voice? I always thought that was it. He takes his job at Starfleet very seriously and often finds it hard to balance that and the aspects of Klingon culture into his life. Sometimes I think he feels very alone being the only one of his kind on board the Enterprise and can’t relate to anyone. But what was really sweet in season 2 is when Wesley organizes a ceremony for Worf having reached his Age of Acension.

In return, he can be shown to have some emotion, especially when he tries to care for his son Alexander. I think that part comes from that he was raised by humans, even though he frequently denies having human traits and commits to being fully Klingon and is shown to be very serious all the time.

5. A character you wouldn’t get along with?

I’d say it would be Marcus Fenix, one of the first fictional characters I started to love who is human. I sometimes would ask myself, how did he and Anya Stroud end up together by the end of the third game? Marcus is well-known for having a hot temper and sometimes stubbornly clings to his own way of doing things. I always thought as I got older it was that opposites attract situation.

What we do have in common is we both stick to our guts on what we think is best, but the temper is where I draw the line. I had a lot of anger issues as a kid, today I’ve got much better at managing them. I’ve also been trying to cut back on my language due to my professional commitments. We are all guilty of cursing on occasion, but to Marcus it’s almost like a habit. I’d feel like it would be difficult for us to get along if he can’t control his temper. I do believe however, that he is capable of being calm and caring at times, like when Dom discovers his wife barely alive; Marcus quietly comforts him saying it’s okay before leaving them.

6. A character you’d travel the world with?


I’d travel the world with a bug? Sure, why not? Quirrel is one of my favourite characters in Hollow Knight and what makes him a great travel companion is he is very enthusiastic about seeing the world. No matter how much danger he encountered, he remained thrilled about the adventure. Like the one time after braving the tough enemies of Crystal Peak, I found him at the top of a tower overlooking Dirtmouth. Once there, he asked if I had to deal with the infected miners. Not only is he enjoying travelling, but he is also extremely curious about the world, even if he doesn’t know why he is interested in something. Sometimes when you’re out travelling, you don’t need to know what the purpose of it is, and that’s why I’d totally have Quirrel as a travel buddy if I could.

7. Character you’d rely on to help you get over your fears?


Probably Tahu, he’s the type you’d find who likes to take risks without thinking them and doesn’t even think about anything that might scare him out of it. But, chances are we’d probably not get along at first because I prefer to determine the safety risks before doing something! (no wonder he didn’t get along with his Toa sister Gali in the beginning) but maybe I have to step out of my comfort zone a little and enjoy life. It wouldn’t involve lava surfing, but something we could both do, whatever that may be.

I was always scared to swim out in the open ocean until last year did I finally go snorkeling. I had this irrational fear of being attacked by a shark, until I finally decided I just had to jump in and do it. Tahu would be the kind of guy who just thinks less and does more, even though most of the time that results in him getting hurt in the process *cough* Lerahk’s poison *cough*. Maybe in my head I got subtle encouragement from him on the day I first did it that I needed to stop thinking about my fears and focus on having fun, even though he hates water!

8. Where do most of the characters you love come from?

Definitely video games. Why is it that NPCs just have something about them that makes you love them more? Maybe it’s the fact that you can actually interact with them. You can talk to them, fight alongside of them and even start a relationship with them depending on the game.

You just feel more connected to the character in a video game from how I see it. Not saying that TV shows, movies and books don’t offer the same thing. They just do it in a different way. You could read something about a character and feel connected to them in the book, but either way most of the characters I love come from video games.

9. Character you’re most likely to have weird dreams about?


I’ve had some strange dreams about Corypheus and I don’t know why. Only two I actually remembered enough content to write about. One was where I was spying on him performing a ritual in a cave possibly to open the Breach.

Another was when I teamed up with Diana to fight him

I was originally going to put General Grievous for this question but I want this article to contain a variety. Even though Corypheus is claimed to be a not so very well-written character, learning his backstory makes him more interesting just like the Didact. I would have dreams about him during the time when I’m doing a playthrough of the Dragon Age. Now I’m actually itching for another dream to see if it’s more vivid than the last.

10. A minor character that you love?

I’ll go with Adrien Victus: General in the turian military and Primarch of Palaven. When I first played through the Mass Effect trilogy, I was ready to continue to commit to Garrus. Then I met Adrien on Menae where I had to take him onto the Normandy where he would serve as the new Primarch and representative of the turians in the united alliance the galaxy were to form against the Reapers.

At first, I didn’t understand what made me start to crush on him. I thought it was the sound of his voice, how deep and calm it was. Maybe I also admired the fact that he had gone from pure military to diplomat, despite the fact that he has served in the military almost his entire life has become a great leader. He doesn’t show to have an emotional side that much so maybe at the end of the day, I just love him because I think he’s handsome for a turian who has a sweet voice and I can imagine a rather serious relationship. I also imagined us singing Rewrite the Stars where we admit our feelings but have trouble overcoming the barriers. What do turians sound like when they sing anyway?

11. Which character represents you mentally?

Madeline from Celeste, I can relate to her so much because I know what she’s going through. Madeline also struggles with anxiety and opens up to Theo in the game how she feels she’s worried about things that she feels she should be over. For example, one time I was worried that someone who gave me trouble at Wonderland, would find me again and get revenge from our last encounter.

That and a number of other things I can’t stop worrying about which is just what Madeline also deals with. She also deals with panic attacks a lot, I don’t get them, or maybe I get them in a different form: I start crying almost uncontrollably and sometimes experience tension in my chest whenever I’m worried about something, like that one time I was worried about getting my application sent on time for that exam I wrote in April. The worst was when I dealt with these anxiety symptoms from things I didn’t have control of like during the time the college faculty strike went on for five weeks leaving me out of class. I felt like the world had stopped and I’m sure Madeline felt the same way when the gondola stalled. Seeing the part of her appear made me feel like it was representing her mental problems in a physical form showing another way what anxiety and depression can look like.

She also learns a trick from Theo how to calm herself down when she’s anxious: picture a floating feature and breathe deeply to keep it afloat, and now I use that method too to calm down when I need to.

And those are the questions I made, here are the rules for participating. Copy and paste the questions into your post:

1. Which character was your first love?

2. How would you describe all the characters you love?

3. A character do you love that you think most people hate?

4. Does one character in your life have a very strict personality?

5. A character you think you wouldn’t get along with?

6. A character you’d travel the world with?

7. Character you’d do something crazy with?8. Where do most of the characters you love come from?

9. Character you’re most likely to have weird dreams about?

10. A minor character you love

11. What character represents your mentality?

And make sure to give a shout out to the blogger you got this from. (That’s me in this case!) Happy writing!


9 thoughts on “The Fictional Characters Tag”

  1. A great set of questions and well thought out answers. Do struggle at times to recognise more obscure and niche answers to question lists, can proudly say I recognised most of the characters there which I guess is good as shows they are memorable and resonate across the demographics?
    anyway good piece, will try and do something similar soon 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I imagine this will be an interesting tag if anyone decides to try it. I would love to see what other people’s taste in fictional characters are. If you do plan on doing your own, I look forward to reading it.


    1. Yeah I think you’re right about that. War changes people, hardens them. I’m glad Anya can get through to him.


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