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I Want a Daemon

Now that Game of Thrones is over, I’m asking myself what’s next until the prequel series comes? HBO showed me incredible things and I’m just itching for more.

HBO often announces new upcoming series, especially when another ends. While everyone seemed interested in Chernobyl, I became excited for His Dark Materials.

Unpopular opinion here: The Golden Compass is one of my favorite movies and it was supposed to be the adaptation to the book series but the sequels were cancelled.

Now, it falls to HBO to bring it back to the big screen.

What drew me to this world was how our souls were in the form of a daemon. It was an animal of any kind that never left our side. But I’ll save the lore talk for later.

I hope we get a premiere date soon, and in the meantime, I should check out what E3 brings.

I want a daemon of my own, but what animal would it be?


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