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One More Time, Shout It Out Loud

Here’s the news I’ve been waiting to share!

So, KISS one of my favourite bands is finally hanging it up and I told myself I wasn’t going to miss it if this was my last chance.

They have two shows in Toronto this year as part of their last tour, the one in March I missed because of study commitments.

So I decided to commit to the gig in August but often worried about having to cancel if I ended up failing the exam. However, since I passed that means the gig is a go.

Third time’s the charm, one last time.


I know it’s sad because this might be my last time ever seeing this band and I’m a young fan who started in 2013 rather than in the 70’s, but how the experience goes is more important to me than the number of times I’ve seen the band live.

The drama is unfortunately still out there and I just avoid it after all the mistreatment I’ve received, just for having a different opinion. I haven’t decided if I’m going to wear my Gene costume one more time. I’ll have to make a trip to Sephora to get the necessary supplies if I do!

Or maybe I’ll just go as myself and celebrate the moment. Love them or hate them, KISS will always be my go-to band of every era if I need to feel happy again in stressful times, and I can’t wait for August.


4 thoughts on “One More Time, Shout It Out Loud”

  1. Have never seen them, this side of the Atlantic they always came across as quite a novelty, but great to see a passion for a band and if this is their final tour and they bring a bit of happiness then rock on* 🤘🏻

    *obligatory 80s reference

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    1. I think they made it clear that this is their final tour. Though that has been joked in the past, I think this time it’s serious. They’re getting old and can’t go on forever, this happens to every band unfortunately.

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      1. My dad always makes jokes about KISS coming up on stage in wheelchairs, canes, or with stands containing IV bags. I always counter him with the fact that the Stones are in their mid 70’s and are still out there touring. The current members of KISS are in their 60’s or late 50’s. (though I imagine it won’t be long before they hang it up, Black Sabbath did eventually)

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