Forlorn Submerged City

I woke up at 2am last night when I heard the sound of footsteps around the house like someone was snooping around. When I hear that in that hour, I sometimes think someone has broken in and I’m too scared to leave my room.

But, it was probably just my brother returning from that party he was at.

Anyway, a I had a series of vivid dreams once I fell asleep again. They don’t seem connected at all.

The first part was where I was in a waiting room for an appointment. But when the man arrived, he said I would have to do something gross before going in. I’m not going to say what it was, but I definitely didn’t want to do it.

My mom tried to persuade me to do it but I ran out of the room and took to the sky with that same chant and flew out of the building.

That was when I started singing and this isn’t the first time this has happened, but as I sang and flew, obstacles began to get in my way: telephone wires being the most common, closing doors, and even some places that required a puzzle to be solved in order to pass. In spite of those obstacles, I broke all the way through them while singing Clarity by Zedd and Foxes. I have a soft spot for that song despite that not being a genre I particularly like. I think the meaning behind that is I can officially say I broke down all the barriers and have finally got my license as a pharmacy technician, so yeah.

Once I made it into the clearing, I plunged underwater through a fast current deep into a trench. For a moment, I couldn’t see and then the water was gone and I was flying over mountain peaks covered in snow. I was then singing Forlorn and Forsaken this time by Orden Ogan. I not surprised since they are the latest band I’ve become a fan of. I flew singing that until landing at an inn in the middle of a valley.

I landed and went inside to get something to eat. A while later as I sat in the corner, I spotted the members of Orden Ogan walk in and they sat down to have beers. My heart thudded as I tried to gather the courage to speak to them. I walked over slowly and I recall Seeb turning to look at me and he asked if I wanted to join them. Tobi asked why I was shaking so much as I sat down. Unfortunately that’s all I recall and damn my brain for forgetting the rest! I really wanted to know what happened next!

Later in the dream, I was standing before Swords of Sanghelios as Dragon Master where I spoke to the leader and we embarked on a deep sea plunge to find something lost. I didn’t want to swim to it and wanted to be back at the inn with Orden Ogan where I thought I belonged.

I woke up when we got too deep under the water and I nearly let go of the cord. So to my brain, if you’re going to make me dream about a band, can you please make them have a bigger role? I wanted to know what happened after sitting with them!


4 thoughts on “Forlorn Submerged City”

  1. I find it amazing how clear you can remember your own dreams!

    And it’s generally funny how in dreams the most bizarre stuff just seems like normal stuff. Flying away from an appointment while singing and then hanging out with your favourite band? Well, in dreams that’s just Tuesday morning 🙂

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    1. Thank you, it’s one of my talents 😊 a lot of my flying dreams are me trying to escape something and be free. That’s why I wish if I could have one super power, it would be to fly.

      I often dream about bands I like during a period where not much is going on in my life. I like how I got an Orden Ogan dream this time instead of the other bands I love which I normally dream about.


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