Why Isn’t Dragon Beauty A Thing?

The beauty industry has a thing for mythical creatures, but dragons don’t seem to be a part of it.

For years now it’s been all about unicorns, mermaids, and sometimes even fairies too.

When I was in elementary school I read books about those creatures. In 6th grade we had a sewing activity every week, and I made a unicorn plush that I still have. My grandma was also very fond of unicorns and gave me a little glass one which I keep on my vanity dresser.

But now, as an adult, unicorns make me cringe because of how far the beauty industry has taken it. There are hundreds of articles analyzing how the trend began. I heard it had something to do with there being a Lisa Frank makeup line (which I used to have school supplies of) and it brought a lot of nostalgia to young women, hence other brands started to get into the fad.

Eventually it exploded and I couldn’t walk into Sephora without seeing at least one brand displaying a unicorn-themed collection, Bath and Body Works also succumbed to it along with mermaids, and even fucking food companies do it now (Starbucks’ notorious frappuccino). It’s one thing to make a glittery iridescent lipstick that’ll make your lips sparkle like whatever magic a unicorn’s horn emits, but it’s quite over the top to make scented candles called unicorn poop to suggest that everything a unicorn produces, even through defecation is colourful and magical. (yes I saw an advertisement for it on Instagram and it made me nauseous)

After more than two years of putting up with this, I have to ask: why is this still going on? More importantly, why isn’t dragon beauty a thing?

Argh, why didn’t I buy this when I had the chance?

If you look online you can see tons of dragon-inspired looks, especially on Pinterest. Some of them are perfect for Halloween or cosplay, while others are a little more subtle. The only time I ever saw dragon-themed products was when Urban Decay launched a limited edition Game of Thrones collection earlier this year. One of the products was a dragon blush, bronzer, and highlighter palette all in one with the powder resembling dragon eggs. Those products sold out quickly.

Part of me should be grateful that dragons have not got the same treatment as unicorns in the beauty industry. The last thing I want is someone to come up with a dragon snot product or something!

Dragons have been in our legends and myths for centuries just as long as unicorns have so why don’t they get the same amount of attention? How come there’s a National Unicorn Day on the Internet but not a dragon one? Is it the belief that dragons only want to burn and eat us if they existed? Is it that it’s easier to make an everyday makeup look with unicorn stuff? Is it that unicorns possess magical powers and dragon’s can only fly and breathe fire?

So many questions that will probably never get answered and this is me, being the Vulcan that I am, trying to find the logical reason to something that happens in this world that has no sense to it.

I thought that the most valid reason is that if we are strictly talking about makeup and skincare, that is something marketed towards women and adding unicorns and mermaids to it brings out our nostalgia when we were little girls and we had toys, clothes, and school supplies embroidered with those creatures.

Somehow that nostalgia we got turned it into a phenomenal trend that has been going on longer than it needs to. Paste unicorn or occasionally mermaid onto something and it’ll be a best-seller no matter what you call it. It’s like the beauty industry has ruined unicorns for me and I’ve found solace in my dragons like I have always turned to them since I was 14.

To clarify, I do not hate unicorns and am not bashing anyone who likes to colour their hair and face with rainbow glitter. You want to do that, knock yourself out. But, I just personally think this trend has gone too far.

If we were to bring dragons into the beauty industry, let’s not overdo it. Let’s just limit it to makeup and skincare and no crazy names like “dragon snot, poo, slime, etc” An eyeshadow palette or lotion called “Dragon Scales” is good enough.

I’d rather slather myself with that than a unicorn’s essence or whatever. Give me a pair of dragon wings so I can fly and I promise not to burn anyone who gives me trouble. I don’t need a horn on my forehead to stab people I hate or sparkle like a character from My Little Pony.

Anybody else wish dragons were appreciated more? And it doesn’t have to be just in beauty, but in general.


23 thoughts on “Why Isn’t Dragon Beauty A Thing?”

  1. Definitely. Ever since I found out a dragon was my Chinese zodiac, I couldn’t get enough of them. I have done a total of two school reports on dragons.

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    1. I’m a rooster but I’ve simply been fascinated with dragons since I was a teenager after all that anime and fantasy films I watched.


  2. Biiiig dragon fan here! I also wish there were more dragony things! Several years ago, I decided I wanted a dragon ring of some kind, and set out looking for one at any store that sold jewlery (ranging from dollar stores to little boutiques to high end jewlery stores). Couldn’t find anything. Then I went to New York City on a school trip and on an outing to Chinatown, I went to dozens and dozens of little stores and stalls and saw rings of literally every other animal/creature. But no dragons. I finally found one about a year later in some funky little earthy spirit store in a local mall and bought it right away (said store closed down since). I don’t wear a lot of rings, but I still wear that dragon.

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    1. How can stores in a Chinatown NOT have dragon jewelry?! Dragons are practically a symbol of China! Anyway, glad you finally found one. My brother got me a pair of homemade dragon earrings when he was away with his girlfriend for a week earlier this month. It’s like dragons are a forgotten creature outside of Game of Thrones and I’ll never understand why.


  3. I have never thought of this (which is weird, because I only got interested in make-up in the first place when I decided to cosplay a dragon…), but we totally need dragons in the beauty industry!
    Unicorns are just glittery horses with horns. Boring. Dragons are majestic!

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    1. Exactly! Dragons come in a variety of different forms. Some have four legs, some have two with their wings (which people call wyverns), some have no wings and some are serpant-like! πŸ‰ I have a poster of a big black dragon in my room. Like is it because unicorns are girlie and dragons are not?

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      1. Probably. However, I don’t really get why unicorns are considered to be girly.
        Again, the main difference between a unicorn and a horse is that a unicorn has a very large horn. You would assume that horn has a purpose. You don’t evolve sharp weaposn to be sparkly.
        Don’t go telling me unicorns aren’t, in reality, violent stabby creatures.

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      2. Hahaha yeah just find a horse and tie a horn on it and voila there’s your unicorn. They probably are, nobody admits it though. The only time I saw it was in this whacking game where the guy pulled a unicorn out of the trash can and it stabbed the target.

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      3. That would be a start, and also to not overdo it like the industry has done in the ways I’ve mentioned. The unicorn poop and snot crossed the line

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  4. I can see it before me: Chili Oil or something like that as “Dragon Snot(TM)” – “Dragon Snot – even your ass will breathe fire!”

    Ui, I even have an ad for it. At first, you see Piff the Magic Dragon (google him). Then, a big explosion, and a green Hulk Hogan appears.
    “Unleash your inner dragon!”, an excessively aggressive voice shouts (“DRAGON SNOT” in between the pauses”).
    “Dragon Snot, the ultimative chili experience!” – “DRAGON SNOT!” – *images of various food flash before your eyes* “Put it on your noodles, put it in your soups…”
    *a woman in an unnecessarily skimpy dragon outfit shows up, holding a bottle of Dragon Snot(TM) and winks*
    “…you can even put it on YOUR noodle!” *still the aggressive wrestler voice*
    one last “DRAGON SNOT!!!!” before another explosion and the screen turns to black.
    A faint voice from the background warns you NOT to use Dragon Snot(TM) during sex and that it may or may not cause serious internal injuries after consumption.
    *For information on risks and side-effects please read the pack insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.*

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    1. No no, let’s just keep it simple. Dragons need more attention but they don’t need to be overdone like unicorns


      1. I know, I’m with you. My comment was meant as a joke to satirise your point πŸ™‚

        Dragons are awesome, but when it comes to marketing, moderation is not an option. So we’d probably be better off just leaving them out of product themes alltogether. All topics that should never be overused should stay in the hands of craftsmen and artists, not businessmen.

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      2. I suppose that’s true since I did say I don’t want it overdone. Look what happened to KISS one of my favorite bands in marketing. It’s just hard for me when you like makeup and it’s covered with unicorns when you’re a dragon person and want something for yourself.


      3. What would Dragon make-up even look like? Just take the colour palette: Unicorns are white and sparkly, sometimes with rainbows (why though? How became unicorns associated with rainbows?), mermaids are underwater-themed and have a blue-greenish, scaly colour palette. Fairies are also sparkly and mostly greenish-brown (forest-themed)
        Dragons do not have one “fixed” palette, because they are so diverse. If they had, it would probably be dark green, red, gold, and scaly too. That’s not really subtle colours, if you ask me. Maybe green, but we have that in mermaids and fairies already. Also, dragons do not really have their own theme. Dragon ARE their own theme.
        Then again, I have no clue about make-up, so I’m probably not the one to turn to πŸ™‚

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      4. Just google dragon makeup and you’ll find many different looks. I don’t believe that, I read a book once where there was a black unicorn with a red horn. So they can be dark creatures too without the rainbows and glitter. Rainbows mean a lot of things, not just unicorns and LGBTQ+ pride. Fairies can be pretty diverse too but not just forest . Yeah you’re talking to someone here who uses makeup and grew up with most of this stuff so yeah it’s hard to explain.


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