The Story of the Dragon Master

It’s time to hear the real story.

Many nights ,in my dreams, I become something I’m not. Something I wish I could be in real life, but can’t.

If you read my blog regularly, you’ve definitely read some of my strange dreams which I become this Dragon Master character: I chant something, transform, fly, breathe fire occasionally, you know what I’m talking about. My brain somehow remembers that fantasy when I go to sleep and makes me dream about it.

But, where did this come from?

One of the last drawings I made of the Dragon Master

It all started with an idea, a bunch of drawings and a combination of characters from many games, shows, and movies that I love along with a fantasy of being a superhero but not your typical one.

The idea came to me after I had watched the Bakugan anime and I thought the main antagonist Naga, was badass, but deserved a bigger role aside from his anticlimactic death at the end. I decided he would do the same thing to his home world to gain dominance over the universe and ultimate power, only this time his sister Wavern creates a source of power to search the galaxy to bring fourth the chosen one to stop her twin brother before she is drawn into the Infinity Core; one of the two cores of Vestroia while her brother took the Silent Core.

14-year old me at that time lives a somewhat normal life going to high school and has a few friends. I still was different from others until one day when the school bus dropped me off at my house, a bright light from the sky, and a dragon medallion fell from it into my hands. I put it on out of curiosity and Wavern appears explaining that I have been chosen as Dragon Master to stop Naga from reshaping the universe. Naga needs the Infinity Core from his sister to accomplish his goal and since I stand in his way, he must destroy me.

It’s not long before Naga realizes what his sister is done and sets his sights on eliminating me. However, only he can bring me into his world and at the beginning, the Dragon Master’s powers can only be active in that world. The powers aren’t much, they just involve flame breath, meteorites and tornadoes at first but that changes later.

How the transformation occurs, there was no set chant, just touch the medallion and there you go. But in my dreams I keep chanting something called: Dragon Gold Awakening, spin around and the wings sprout, so maybe that’s what it should be?

The moment I learn to harness my powers, something begins to change towards the stage of evolution. Eventually the Dragon Master evolves into the form seen in the drawing above; the true form with advanced powers. Same powers include fire but also light as well which I still have to explore. But the biggest power the Dragon Master has is the ability to understand dragons; to communicate with them and lead them into battle if necessary. That’s why I sometimes have those dreams of flying along with them.

Once I have reached my true form, I can use it anywhere and not exclusively within Naga’s realm.

Hungry for power, Naga eventually absorbs the Silent Core and takes on a new and more powerful form which affects the stability of his world and weakens his sister. Wavern then decides to pass the Infinity Core onto me once she believes I am strong enough and the battle continues from there.

So, it seems like my own version of the story taken from that particular anime, but there are elements from other universes I love too. Naga has many loyal minions who consist of villains from games, books, movies, and series that I like. For example there’s Tartarus (Halo 2), Megatron, General Grievous, Makuta, Corypheus, Myrrah, etc. He also has one apprentice named Hydranoid also taken from the anime, so the Dragon Master has other enemies to fight so to speak.

But that doesn’t mean I have to go at this fight alone. I also created for my Dragon Master self the guardians. These characters also come from different universes and have close relationships with me. If that relationship is strong enough, that character can emit a powerful aura that can withstand the negative energy the Silent Core projects. You could say why my Dragon Master self doesn’t settle down because she loves too many. Some examples of these guardians include Optimus Prime, Rtas Vadum, Garrus, Jaal, Adrien, Chaor and basically all of my fictional crushes. But only a few of them have auras. I even added Mr. Lordi where he has complete immunity to the negative energy due to his strong bond with the Dragon Master, okay that seems a little over the top and overpowering but I don’t give a damn cause this is my fantasy.

It might make it sound like in this fictional story I’ve created, I’m a Mary Sue, but trust me, the Dragon Master has flaws and weaknesses. The Silent Core’s negative energy is one of them, then there’s being too emotional at times, being too headstrong which leads to failure, care for loved ones sometimes makes one forget about looking after themselves.

So yeah, I’ve created this little fantasy world of mine that I go to in my dreams at night. I also go to it when I switch off the world and turn on my music during a commute. Sometimes I role-play it with my closest friends too. It’s another one of my forms of escapism from real-world stress aside from video games.

You could say that’s why my blog’s description is I’m here to unleash my imagination. I’ve always been very imaginative creating my own stories, remembering certain dreams and writing about them, and creating my own OC to insert into a particular world or a bunch of worlds combined!

It’s a talent that not many people possess, or at least many people in adulthood possess, some people look at me and find it weird that I’m living in this world when I want to, while others may find it really creative. To the former, why look at it that way? There is nothing wrong with imagining yourself saving the world fighting your favourite villains or having a romantic relationship(s) with characters you love. It doesn’t hurt anyone, I only go to it when my attention to things in reality is not required (i.e. the end of the day after dinner before bedtime), and I don’t let it interfere with my career and adult responsibilities so hey it’s totally fine to pretend to be something you’re not when the time is right.

Maybe you’re like me and you created your own OC surrounded in the fandoms you love, or you created one for a very specific universe. Either way, it’s always fun go to your own world.

👽 Emily

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