A Kaleesh Abductor Across the Lake

Wow, what a dream.

Every time I find myself no longer in a deep sleep, I almost worry that my clock says 2 or 3am but it actually ends up being past 5am. I’m always awake by that hour after having early morning classes for 3 years and it’s made me an early bird. I’m proud of it.

This dream I felt was rather vivid but disturbing at the beginning. I got a chance to be Emi Takori (my Star Wars OC) and the Dragon Master in this one.

It started with me as the former, when I was sneaking on board a large frigate in space searching for my friends who had been captured.

The ship reminded me of one of those portable jails that goes across the galaxy collecting and shipping prisoners to wherever they requested.

While crawling under a raised walkway, I witnessed General Grievous pin a young Togruta against the railing. He tore her face off with his bare metal hands to my shock and for a moment I thought it was Ahsoka due to her voice sounding similar when she begged for mercy. The Togruta remained motionless afterwards.

I managed to sneak into a small room with a generator where a few other Padawans were hiding: a Rodian, another Togruta and a Zabrak. Suddenly I’m reminded of the episodes when that Trandoshan gang was hunting the kids for sport.

We escaped the room and split up around the ship since the only way off was to find one hundred pieces of this green essence and throw it into this large metal ring to create a portal. When we were supposed to rendezvous at the portal, I saw the three children running towards me with their hands full of the essence. Each of us had twenty five pieces to equal the total. They told me Grievous was on their six and closing fast and gave all their pieces to me saying I should go while they held him off. I didn’t like the idea but I threw the essence into the portal and jumped in.

I was suddenly back at the front of my house in broad daylight. I heard footsteps down the street and saw Grievous emerge from another portal. He clearly had no trouble fending off those kids. I checked my belt and no lightsaber, I climbed over the fence across the street from my house and then I knew I had become the Dragon Master. I flew through the trees down to the ravine.

In real life that ravine isn’t much, but in my dreams when I fly through the trees towards it and follow it to the lake, it’s much wider, sometimes has more trees than it normally does, or more buildings. As I descended and followed the river, I saw Grievous continue to walk by and eventually I kept going forward towards the lake and by then I realized I lost him.

By the time the river opened out to the lake, I saw all these large weird-looking inflatable boats that were attempting to cross to the other side of the lake. They were being deployed by these large wooden towers at different parts of the coasts that stood in the water. I agreed to help them cross and protect them from danger.

I’ve had many dreams where I’ve flown or boated across the local lake, but in it there’s always things that aren’t there in real life on that lake such as little islands or structures. I think it’s a message that indicates that I’ve always wanted to one day go out on that lake in a boat and still have not experienced it yet.

The reality is, some of them were not even actual boats. One was a floating bouncy castle and another was some sort of portable volleyball court. As I flew beside them, someone on the castle told us we needed to wait for the “freaks” who were two people in actual boats that were falling behind. They were only at the river’s mouth and they were paddling along slowly. I tried to acknowledge that request but suddenly I felt like I lost my voice as nothing came out.

Sometimes I have those dreams where I’m in a situation where I can’t speak and it’s frustrating when you need it to cry for help.

Dark clouds eventually filled the sky and lightning flashed. I managed to whisper “Aqua Shield” and then with my arms I began to expand a massive shield covering nearly all of the “boats” from the downpour that followed the lightning. It took a lot of effort to keep the shield up as well as make it large enough to cover everyone. I felt like a biotic holding up the field while trying to get through the corridor of seeker swarms.

Someone called out that the two people in real boats needed protection from the rain and when I tried to fly back to help them, the shield started to go with me and the people in the inflatable “boats” were exposed to the rain, and that was when I woke up this morning.

I don’t recall giving the Dragon Master an aqua shield power, but since she possesses the Infinity Core which should give her access to all six Vestroia elements aside from fire, why not?

Well, I’m off to Canada’s Wonderland tomorrow, finally, Yukon Striker here I come!


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