Conqueror of the Great Dive

Well, I was finally able to haul myself over to Canada’s Wonderland yesterday after repeatedly twisting my friend’s arm to come with me. We were supposed to go in mid-June but it rained cats and dogs so it was postponed to yesterday.

I told myself I had to go this year come hell or high water since I knew that the new rollercoaster Yukon Striker would be finished by then. I’m a big thrill-seeker so I’ll ride any coaster in the park. Just look how far I’ve come over the past two decades.

I managed to get on it three times, the first being on the front row and I screamed at the top of my lungs as I dropped 90 degrees from 75 meters above the ground and looped four times at the top speed. I’m a brave soul.

Aside from that I was able to get onto most of my favourite rides and try a few ones I normally avoided.

I’ll gladly take an amusement park over a wine party any day, no matter my age.

đŸ‘½ Emily

6 thoughts on “Conqueror of the Great Dive”

    1. Since Canada’s Wonderland is nearby, I would always go back there any day, but I would love to check out Universal Studios and some of the Six Flags parks, Darien Lake is the closest to me.


    1. Rollercoasters are not for everyone! A lot of people I know get motion sickness from them, but thankfully I do have some friends that I can ride these with.


      1. Ah, yeah that would be another problem. I wish I knew a way to help anyone who is scared of heights to get over that fear, but unfortunately, I don’t.

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