One Life

You’re probably going to ask me why I’ve been writing so much the past few weeks.

Well, if you’re currently unemployed, then maybe you too would also spend a lot of time doing something you love until you do find a job that takes over, giving you less time to blog than usual. That’s me right now.

I may be a registered technician now, but now I’ve been applying to both those and entry-level assistant positions just to get experience. All while continuing to volunteer at the hospital and blog like crazy.

Well, this week isn’t even halfway done and already things are filling up.

On Sunday, I went to the drugstore to get something my mom needed and came across this adorable limited edition Lancome eyeshadow palette called 12 Shades of Love, which is inspired by their cult favourite Monsieur Big mascara; my Holy Grail mascara.

I succumbed instantly and bought it. There were only two left on the shelf so I was lucky. I may listen to heavy metal and have a fetish for non-human fictional characters, but I also love pink and heart-shaped things!

Oh and then on Monday I got two phone calls for job interviews, so one I’m going to Friday and one next week so wish me luck. Just when I thought I wasn’t going to get any callbacks for that until the fall, boom, this happens. Before that, I only had two phone interviews so far.

There’s also been some cool stuff happening in Stardew Valley for me too, but I will save that for another post.

I’ve got research to do, and a dream to write about now.


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