Storm Cellar Sewer

What coincidence that I had a dream last night about storms! South of here, there is actually a tropical storm passing through, and we are just getting the weaker edge of it.

So I’m sitting on our covered deck with my tea watching the rain.

This dream actually took place in a area I go to everyday. On one major road in my neighborhood where the local drugstores and restaurants can be found, there is a big parking lot behind one of the restaurants that we like to eat at.

While I can’t remember how the dream began, I know that eventually I was hanging around in that parking lot. Maybe I was just there because I was keeping watch for trouble since I become the Dragon Master in my dreams.

It was a dark cloudy day and the wind was slowly picking up. I felt like there was this music playing in my head and it reminded me from when that F4 tornado approaches the drive-in theater at night in Twister: there’s a build-up towards it where Jo, Bill, and Melissa are outside the wind gets stronger and the music that plays just fits the scene perfectly indicating you know something is coming and you better get underground.

The sky got darker and the wind stronger and all I could hear was that music, but there was no siren. I became the Dragon Master and took flight to see what was happening.

Several tornadoes were closing in on the district from all directions. The rain was torrential and people were panicking as the streets began to flood. I felt like I couldn’t maintain altitude for long due to the strong winds. I yelled at everyone that they needed to get underground and flew towards one of the intersections.

Without even thinking, began to move my arms in a circle below me and suddenly in the middle of the water, a maelstrom formed creating an opening into the sewers. I signaled the citizens to follow me into it for safety and shut the manhole once we were all inside. I kept everyone moving into we were in this dark room with enough beds for everyone.

A child came up to me asking how long we would have to stay down here and I told him I did not know exactly, but until the storm passed. The dream ended before I could search the room for any food supplies.

I wonder if this dream connects to the overwhelming situation going on in my real life right now. It could be, but it could also mean other things too.


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