Music and Bands

Why I Love Singers

It is no secret that when it comes to band members, I clearly have a thing for the ones that can sing.

Seeb Levermann
Well, looks like I can’t keep it secret any longer

Not that I don’t love the ones who play drums, bass, etc. but I always develop a soft spot for the singer first.

I think it’s because I love to sing myself, so it’s easy for me to get drawn to the lead singer of a band.

Coincidentally, they also appear to be the most attractive to me, like Seeb Levermann pictured above. Could it also be that they are the ones that get the most media exposure through interviews and stuff? Even if it’s not that, they still manage to steal my heart first before any other member can.

I always have enjoyed watching band member interviews because you get to know them as a person. They may look intimidating, especially if they play in a band that has a strong image like KISS, but then you discover they’re the nicest people ever.

I’ve been singing since I was a little girl, probably right around the time I was able to talk, I was singing to myself all the time, when I was not singing along to Disney movies that is! I did briefly take lessons until the end of elementary school where I started getting into other stuff.

I feel like the hobby didn’t resurface until I started listening to metal. I may not possess a voice like a metal singer of either gender, but what I loved was that every metal singer’s voice is different based on what sound the band hopes to present.

Hence, I always get attracted to the singer first before any other band member penetrates my heart. Also why when it comes to rock and metal, I like bands whose vocals are clear and melodic enough for me to sing to, even if I have to sing it at a different key to match my vocal range.

And it looks like I just blew my cover earlier in this post, so I can see what’s going to happen now. 😳 I’m going to go back to singing The Things We Believe In since I can’t seem to stop lately.


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