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First Look at the Witcher

Well it’s official, we are getting a Witcher series on Netflix and finally we’ve got some more footage of it!

I’m new to the franchise, having only started playing the games by CD Projekt Red (over 80 hours in the third game!) last fall, and after several months, I am absolutely loving it.

Without any further ado, here’s our teaser:

When the casting was first announced, I’ve had mixed feelings about Henry Cavill playing Geralt. I thought he looked too plain to play the role and something similar to Superman was better suited for him. But, after learning from fellow bloggers and doing some research, I’ve discovered that Henry is actually a big Witcher fan who loves the games, especially the third and enjoys reading the books too. Imagine being a massive fan of a series and then suddenly you get offered to play the lead role in, must be a dream come true for him.

In this trailer we also catch glimpse of Yennefer a few times. I learned that she was born deformed so as soon as I saw the girl with some disfigurement, I knew it was her from reading all those wikis. There was that one scene where she’s screams and then emerges later looking beautiful like the way I recognize her.

I also saw what looks like it might be Ciri and at one point she’s in a throne room. I guess that might be in Vizima, her biological father is Emperor Emhyr var Emreis after all. According to the books, Triss has chestnut brown hair rather than red (gee, that reminds me of how Anne Shirley tells Marilla how much she hates her red hair and wishes it was brown instead) so I caught glimpse of what should be her as well.

Finally, I was treated with some scenes of what looked like Nilfgaardian soldiers and Geralt about to face a monster that looked like an endrega to me.

Apparently, this series is going to mainly be based off of the books. I haven’t read the books yet, but trust me, it’s on my to-do list!

Well, in the meantime, I will continue playing The Witcher 3, I just started the Hearts of Stone DLC and it was fun doing the wedding quest where Geralt got possessed and after that ghost finally had to be sent back to his grave, I did Shani’s romance which was so sweet and hot. Though Yen is my main squeeze for this play-through, I’ve allowed my Geralt to fool around a bit!


6 thoughts on “First Look at the Witcher”

  1. Trust me, if you get around to reading the books, you will know that Geralt fools around A LOT. Every time he and Yennefer are on a break (and that happens a lot), he’ll sleep with anyone who’s willing 😛

    But about the show:
    I was very sceptical about Henry Cavill, especially after the first promo photo released where he looked like a discount Legolas, but after seeing the trailer, I’m slowly warming up to him as Geralt.
    And yeah, it’s super cool that the actor is a fan of the games!

    Ciri looks very old, considering she would just be a little girl at this point in the timeline, and she actually doesn’t even appear in the book they’re adapting right now, so I’m kinda excited to see how they manage to add her into the storyline.

    Mostly, I hope there will be a lot of monster-hunting action 😀

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    1. Woah Geralt the womanizer! But given that he and Yen do that a lot, realistically their relationship doesn’t appear to be a healthy one despite that Yen has grown on me. Yeah I thought of it that too, though I love Legolas 😍

      If Ciri’s not in the books then they must be changing a few things and I can’t wait to see what the monsters look like! The trailer for W3 with the contract was very theatrical though I don’t know what monster that was.

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      1. Geralt’s and Yennefer’s relationship is extremely toxic! I love Yennefer as a character, but she’s utterly insane, and Geralt is nearly as bad, just following her like a puppy despite how she treats him.
        But that’s pretty typical of the characters in this world… Even sweet little Triss Merigold uses magic to seduce Geralt, her good friend’s lover, as soon as Yennefer leaves him for a time.
        Consent is *very* dubious in these books…

        And yeah, I can’t wait to see some monster designs! 😀


      2. Yeah I can see that! Yen is sophisticated and motherly but very feisty and bossy. Triss is kind but manipulative and Geralt is clearly naive if he keeps going after Yen so it seems.

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    1. Well there’s no rush. You can start with the books if you like. If you do want to get into the games, there is nothing wrong with starting with the third. I never finished the first game and the second was good. I hope you do make time to play them though, they’re really good.


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