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Storms of Money and Cherished Rocks of Woe – Music of July 2019

Well, that’s another month gone of 2019, this year is going faster than I thought. Maybe that’s what happens when you spend it getting the motor on your career started which is exactly what I’ve been doing!

The past month I spent job hunting and interviewing and now I have landed a full-time job at a local pharmacy. That means I may not be blogging as much due to work, but this blog is like my own child and I’m really good with time management so I’ll do my best to do some writing when I’m not at work and other hobbies I enjoy. I also try to stay in shape too because exercise helps a lot with my focus.

Anyway, here are this month’s songs.

5. Alan Menken – The Storm

I’ve wanted to re-watch the original Little Mermaid for a long time and I finally got around to it this month. If there is one movie I know just about every scene, line, and song by heart, it’s this movie. When I wasn’t watching the movie as a kid, I was either playing with the toys or listening to the soundtrack which was one of the first CD’s I owned.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the CD anymore which I deeply regret giving it away. I should go get it back on Amazon. Listening to the soundtrack is like watching the movie without a TV and this is my favourite score. One of Alan’s best pieces!

I love how it starts of calm like a literal calm before the storm and it starts to get higher around the time Eric says how he’ll know he’s found the right woman. When I hear that part, it may sound peaceful, but at the same time it’s almost like a warning type of melody which you sometimes heard in movies just before something bad happens like a storm hits or a monster jumps out of the bushes. The same thing also happens during the track when Eric gets stuck just before the fire reaches the gunpowder barrels causing an explosion.

Then when the storm starts, that’s when the music gets intense with the strings, brass, and percussion. All my life, this score has given me goosebumps and I can picture the entire storm scene when I listen to it or it plays in my head. Everything about it just suits the scene perfectly, this is definitely my all-time favourite classical score from a movie.

4. ABBA – Money Money Money

Well, as I mentioned that I’ve got a job now, might as well include this song. It becomes pretty much everyone’s theme once they start working!

I also thought of it one time when my dad and I were talking at breakfast about a issue in society that I cared about. I told him that I didn’t like how in my town, clearing the sidewalks in the residential areas during the winter was not prioritized, yet ones that were in any plazas containing stores and other businesses were cleared the day after a snowstorm. My dad said it all came down to the importance of making money rather than the safety of human beings who don’t drive cars unfortunately, and I don’t like that.

I know this song is about basically being someone who works a lot and wishes they could marry a rich person so they don’t have to work as much and feel free to splurge. Now, I don’t need to have a million dollars to be happy, but I’m hoping my career doesn’t consist of me living paycheck to paycheck. I hope to have enough money to pay the bills and eat but still have enough left over for the things I want. Also, I just love to sing this song in the shower so it’s perfect for this month.

3. Madonna – Cherish

I keep hearing this song at work, and for the longest time I wanted to find out who it was. But my gut was telling me it was Madonna for sure. Back where I did my training, the radio was set to CHFI which would play a mixture of trending songs and a lot of vintage songs from previous decades, now at my current workplace they have their own playlist where most of the songs are oldies and this is one of the songs I heard on my first day of work and just thought it sounded catchy.

Of course, I don’t let music distract me from doing my job, because I can be very focused, but sometimes it’s nice to hear something that catches your ears on the radio when you’re working eh?

2. KISS – Rock Bottom

From the band’s third album, this is one of the unusual tracks that starts with acoustic sound before it eventually gets to the traditional sound KISS had back in the day. When I first listened to it, I thought this song was going to be just an acoustic instrumental until it changed almost halfway towards the end.

It’s just one of those gems that has to grow on you and I was listening to it when I was out for a walk. I had my iPod play all KISS music to get pumped up for the upcoming concert in two weeks and this is the last one that played. It’s not my favourite but it’s one that has grown on me recently.

I think it would also be interesting to hear it live, but whatever the band plays when I go see them one last time, I’m sure I’ll be surprised.

1. Marcin Pryzybylowicz – Lullaby of Woe (A Night to Remember)

Last but not least, since I’ve been playing a lot of The Witcher 3, here is that lovely but brutal lullaby from one of the game’s trailers. If you let the game stay on the main menu long enough, you can hear this lullaby start playing.

The first time I saw the trailer with this song, I thought it was disturbing to discover that woman Geralt found was actually a bruxa who strips down and then attacks him. Geralt drinks a potion which supposedly grants him immunity to the venom which proves to be effective when he gets bitten.

After he severs one of her arms and she tries to crawl away, he falls beside her from his own injuries and sees her briefly become human again as she dies and the song plays on again. Now that is what I call an epic game trailer. This lullaby in fact, along with its origin is what made me want to play this game in the first place.

It has a beautiful but eerie sound along with the lyrics and if any veteran Witcher fan can tell me who sings it, I’ll be grateful.

Also putting this in here because last night I finished the game’s main quest. All I have left now is to do Blood & Wine. I feel like I should level up a little more before I start that DLC but most of the unexplored places I have are in Skellige and I really don’t want to break my controller dealing with Sirens attacking my boat, even if I do have a horn that can knock them out of the sky.

I will share what my ending results were in another post.

That’s it for now, I am just trying to get a bit of me-time in before I go to work in two hours so yeah.


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