Man Or Beast

It took me a few days to regain my lost sleep which I guess is normal when you get a new job.

This dream was all over the place with me wandering through a convention to sitting at the back of a boat claiming that Optimus Prime was waiting for me at the shore.

Then, I was inside a cottage selecting books to read on my journey, as I was instructed by some sort of clan that they needed the Dragon Master to go to a set of isles to take care of a feral dragon that had caused the clans living there to abandon their homes.

I arrived at the nearest island and hiked up a trail deciding to save my powers for the actual encounter.

I came to a grove to find a medium-sized red dragon like the ones you encounter in open caves from Dragon Age Origins.

It was moaning in pain like someone has shot a bolt in its throat and began to shrink in size until it was revealed to be a human man who I recognized to be none other than Thom Rainer.

I don’t know why he doesn’t get more love. The beard gives his face structure unlike the other guys everyone else loves that I’m not into

He was put under a curse where every time the sun set, he would transform into a dragon and only a kiss from a beautiful woman would break the curse forever. He did not know who cast it but he vowed to find the mage who did and kill them.

Since I just happen to have a bit of a crush on him second to the Iron Bull, I decided to kiss him and after that all I remember was him thanking me and then some stragglers from the clans showed up claiming him to still be a monster.

No one should be at fault for any spell they’re put under or demon that possesses them and the early Dragon Age games contain a lot of that. Like the one with the girl when you recruit Shale.

I’ve had a lot of weird dreams the past week but maybe work has distracted me from writing about them.


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