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The Things I Believe In

If there’s one thing that has always cheered me up after a long day it’s receiving a package in the mail, especially if it’s something I’ve been waiting a while for.

I order things from Sephora and they arrive in 2 days or less, but that’s nothing compared to what comes say, overseas! So I was happy to come home from work yesterday to my long-awaited Orden Ogan merchandise that shipped from Germany.

I was having trouble ordering earlier but eventually I figured it out the following day. I lost count of how many weeks passed while waiting.

Orden Ogan shirt

Fields of Sorrow shirt from the Gunmen album. I’m not a huge fan of the song but the art is beautiful.

One of the significant hurdles I deal with as a female Metalhead is lack of girlie shirts, or ones with good art on them. I should really look into learning how to alter the unisex ones.

Gunmen patch

Ah, I love patches! One of the parts of metal culture is getting a denim vest and sewing patches of your favorite bands on it to show off your taste. This one was a lot smaller than I thought! I was hoping it would make a great back patch but hey who says I need one? Maybe I should just cover the back of my vest with a bunch of little patches instead?

To be so loyal to a band that rarely or never comes to your place is like, something that I find very powerful and something the band members would be eternally grateful for once they are finally able to come to your area.

I still need to get the rest of their albums now.


3 thoughts on “The Things I Believe In”

  1. Hey!
    I believe you mentioned having troubles ordering from European (and especially German) site. If you run into troubles again, just let me know and I’ll help you the best I can (translations, shipping, etc…)

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