Kisses, Germans, and Gods of Thunder

Well hello everyone, I haven’t blogged in an entire week, and every time I take a short break due to work or my mental health, it always feels like forever. On Monday, I worked my first late shift which went on until 22:30 hours and I went straight to bed the moment I got home! The rest of the week was really busy, stressful but rewarding.

tired monday morning GIF

I had a bunch of weird dreams too that I never got around to writing about. I remember one last night was me in some kind of first person survival game where I had to avoid all these obstacles inside and underneath some massive arena. I felt like I was in the Hunger Games as I tried to evade charging polar bears from openings on each side of a narrow corridor and other crazy obstacles.

Then that’s the second dream I’ve had this past month where I kissed Seeb Levermann by water, one was at a resort similar to the one I went to back in April, and the other was at some Northern beach in Germany which I guess was caused by when I saw that selfie of him in the water. I just remember he clasped his arms around me tightly in both of them and locked his lips on to mine causing me to tremble before I started to kiss him back.

crushing hard i love GIF


Every time I stop denying it and finally openly admit that I have a crush on a fictional character or hot metal musician, I start to have more dreams about them or before I admit it. This happened with Joakim Broden a few years ago (I still have to buy the new album god damn it!) and I think this is just a part of the stage.

It’s totally normal for me to have these dreams and fantasies when I have a crush on a character or celebrity and I like to write about them on occasion. It doesn’t hurt anyone nor do I try to initiate it in real life if it’s a musician.

I still have to sew my new Orden Ogan patch onto my vest but now I’m going to wait until my Powerwolf Lupus Dei one arrives since it’s a back patch and I might have to move some other patches around to make room for it!

Oh yeah, and I’m seeing KISS tomorrow night so that’s going to be the highlight of my weekend. For those of you who are new to my blog, you probably haven’t been drawn in to any of my articles about music and bands in general, but that’s another big part of me so you get the treat of getting to read about my third KISS concert once I write about it! I better get some sleep now because I’m gonna need to rest my voice for all the singing I’m gonna be doing tomorrow night.


2 thoughts on “Kisses, Germans, and Gods of Thunder”

  1. You’re in for a treat! I saw them in Newark on Wednesday–it was a dream come true, even in the nosebleeds lol.
    People can say what they want about KISS but their music rocks and they put on a hell of a show.

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    1. I’ve already seen them twice so I know what to expect. 😉 I just ignore those types of people who aren’t fans or “fans” who hate on them. I have almost all their albums and I’ve got all I need to do the makeup tonight. 👅


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