Ride the Lightning

It’s time to write about another crazy dream and this is the third article that I have published in one weekend.

Sometimes when work gets really busy, I use my free time to edit the big ones.

This dream had three vivid parts to it.

First I recall was located in some old village in Velen. A cyclops was going door to door looking for something or someone.

I kept running and tried to find a way out of the village, even if it meant going into the wilderness. It would bust open a door, roar, rummage, and then go to the next.

Later in the dream, I was levitating over a dense forest eavesdropping over two Sith Lords as they walked up this hill towards a summit. This part reminds me of how I wanted to start a playthrough of Jedi Academy where you can teach your character both light and dark side powers so I had force lightning.

However, it was unstable and I ended up projecting it all over the place to a point where it not only electrocuted those two Sith Lords but also it spread across the surrounding lake and you know what happens when water interacts with electricity!

Finally, the last part of the dream involved me flying to join a flock of what looked like those ikran a.k.a banshees from Pandora in the Avatar universe. I could have sworn I eventually saw Jake and Neytiri riding their banshees beside me.

Why did I give this post the title that it has? Well, let’s just say three snippets from a dream is quick like lightning.

This weekend has been relaxing for a change, so when I return to work tomorrow, I should be fully recharged.


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