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Undone to Come Thunder Tonight in Detroit – Music of August 2019

And that was August my dear readers, I made it through the first month of my new job and it’s been exhausting but there’s been lots of learning taking place. Weekends to me now feel extremely rewarding when I get to recharge my batteries.

That being said, there were still some fun things this month had to offer. So let’s get going shall we?

5. Duran Duran – Come Undone

One of the things I’ve seen at work is the radio plays a mixture of vintage songs and recent hits, this one belonging to the former. I was on my break one Friday afternoon and heard this on the radio and was able to really take this song in since it was one of the songs that none of the advertisements interrupted!

I just like the melody and I just want to ask, how did they film the part with the girl in the water without her drowning? It was probably shot in small parts, but it just shows that we probably won’t ever get music videos like this ever again since everything is CGI now.

This is definitely a classic gem that people need to remember. When I told my mom I liked it, she thought it was a different song I was referring to with the same name!

4. Selena Gomez – Come and Get It

Another song frequently played at my workplace. This, in my opinion, is the last good song I heard by Selena until everything after that I felt there was a decrease in the quality of her voice. It didn’t have as much power to it from then on to my ears, it just sounded so bland. Alright I’ll stop there before the rabid fans attack me.

Anyway, I’ve loved this song for a while and it kind of shows Selena’s departure from Disney around that time being more sophisticated, I think.

This song has kind of an Indian vibe to it, and when I listen to it, I always end up thinking about any fictional characters or musicians I love that are hated by more people than loved. Like Gene Simmons when I realized my thing for him had resurfaced at the KISS concert this month, then there’s Miraak, the Didact, and even Frollo to some extent. Lyrics like “I’m not too shy to show I love you, I’ve got no regrets” and “This love will be the death of me” it’s like you’re not afraid to show your love for them regardless of the dislike they receive. Even though that’s not what the song is actually about from Selena’s perspective, it’s what I think of it.

3. AC/DC – Thunderstruck

How about something classic eh? This song has been growing on me for the past few months and it was playing during David’s opening act at the KISS gig. AC/DC is a band that I’ve grown up listening to thanks to my dad.

It gets better as you keep listening and my favourite part is the riffs during the pre-chorus and the chorus itself. I think it’s coming close to my #1 favourite song by this band which I will reveal in another edition. It’s the first thing to play on my dad’s phone when he pairs it to his speaker so it always catches me immediately leading to my headbanging.

They don’t make music like this anymore. Everyone needs a little AC/DC in their life.

2. Whitney Houston – I’m Your Baby Tonight

One Saturday my dad invited one of his college friends with his wife over for dinner and this song was playing on the stereo in the den. It’s one of those songs where I am minding my own business until there’s something from the melody, lyrics, or vocals that my ears pick up and I rush downstairs to hear it better and find out the name of it so I can listen to it again.

I think this is one of the songs by Whitney that gets frequently overlooked by her more popular hits. When I was flying home from vacation back in April, I watched The Bodyguard and loved it, and this song made me think of Seeb when I was still refusing to admit that I like him, even after spilling the truth, it still makes me think of him. Sometimes, it’s just I listen to a song and whoever comes into my head stays there whenever I listen to it.

Rest in peace Whitney, you’re still missed.

1. KISS – Detroit Rock City

Last but not least, yours truly. KISS automatically makes number one of the month if anything happens related to them and that is, of course, my third KISS concert was on August 17th this year.

It was a fantastic experience as usual and it was also bittersweet because the band is retiring after this tour. Many people brag about having seen KISS over twenty times in their lifetime and I have only had the pleasure of seeing them three times. But as I always say, the experience itself is far more important than the number of times you’ve experienced it.

Going to a KISS concert is an event that you’ll never forget and I was hoping in my lifetime I would get to see KISS open their song with this song, and they did. It was perfect for a concert on a Saturday night. It’s catchy as hell and gets you moving right away. I was jumping and dancing nonstop while singing, no one can hold me still during a concert.

The first time I listened to this song was in 2013 when I bought Destroyer at the local record store. It was my very first KISS album. I popped it into my player and as soon as this song started, I knew that I was going to transform into a hardcore KISS fan, and I did. It’s also a sign that you know the album is going to knock your socks off so well done KISS!

And that’s it for this month. I’m so glad I get three days off cause this week has been long and stressful. Tonight I’m going out for dinner at this buffet place and the rest of the weekend will be spent catching up my gaming and starting plans for a certain project I have in mind.

Stay tuned for more.


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