The Ogan Beauty Pageant

Ah there’s nothing like starting a new month with a vivid dream! It’s been such a long time and I think it was at a good time too.

I was out with my friends last night at a buffet, but after helping myself to my first dish, I suddenly got this ache in my abdomen which robbed me of part of my appetite. Nevertheless I went anyway because it was their birthday. Maybe that ache made me sleep better resulting in a good dream.

This dream started off with me staying in a cabin in the forest during the winter. There were other girls there and many of them spoke languages I did not know. The only one I did recognize was German, but I didn’t know enough German to be able to converse with them in that language.

A banquet was taking place and I kept to myself taking my food back to my room feeling isolated. I sat on my bed hoping to have the room to myself because my roommate was not the nicest person around.


As I ate, I turned my music on shuffle, and interestingly enough, Orden Ogan started to play and it was The Things We Believe In. I relaxed and began to hum the song’s opening tune shutting out the world around me. I imagined myself wandering through a frozen wasteland post-apocalypse.

Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted by my roommate entering. She was able to speak English just as well but her accent clearly gave away she was not from the same place as me. At first, I was annoyed being interrupted when I was enjoying my music until she asked me what I was listening to.

When I told her it was Orden Ogan, she asked me if I had seen them live. When I said no she laughed and said I didn’t know what I was missing. I tried to reason with her that it wasn’t my fault that the band didn’t tour my area and I wasn’t able to drop everything and travel to Europe to see them due to work commitments.

She began to brag that she had seen them over ten times and had started a bit of a friendship with Dirk the current drummer. I managed to contain the emotions boiling from my jealousy and just nodded my head listening as she bragged.

Then she said we were here because the band was hosting and judging for a beauty contest. The winner would be personally presented the prize which was backstage passes to all their shows on the tour, but then laughed saying I would never be able to beat her, nor would I be able to get close to the band before the pageant was set to begin.

I cried myself to sleep that night, but when I woke up this morning, I realized that I wanted to win, not to get close to the band, but to show those girls that even I could shine as a fan despite my lack of interaction.

The pageant included walking on the runway (of course!), performing talent, and then making a speech to share one’s personality if they were chosen to be the victor.

On the day of the pageant I went out onto the stage wearing a long pink ball gown with white gloves and faux fur which you could say is largely similar to Belle’s pink winter dress. I spotted the band sitting at the judge tables at the front of the stage, and every time I walked past them with grace, I would catch Seeb looking at me with enchantment and intrigue like he never had seen me before. I also avoided contact with the girl who was my roommate who kept giving me stares.

For the talent portion of the contest, I sat at an ebony grand piano and began to play and sing my own covers of The Ice Kings and The Things We Believe In while one of my friends who backed out of participating to support me, used a mini snow gun to make snowflakes fall from above. I was supposed to only sing the first song, but the band members were so touched, they begged me to do another which made my roommate get mad she almost ripped her dress off.

For the speech portion, all the girls said that if they won, they would just drink beer with the band, get them to sign things, etc. I couldn’t believe my eyes that they all wanted the same things. When it was my turn to speak, I started to speak the same things almost but stopped myself and said I didn’t care about autographs, photos, or all that shit. I felt like I would still do the same things I always do, just with the band joining me at it: play some video games and hang out listening to music.

Okay, not much difference there, but still, at the end there was something about my personality that the band liked. That was the fact that I wasn’t trying to win just so I could get all the memorabilia from them.

As I walked off the stage prepared to accept my defeat and the announcer assumed I was dropping, suddenly Seeb stopped him, stood up and handed him the revised results. The announcer said, that the band had chosen me as the winner because represented what fans should be: being themselves and not in it for the stuff.

I joyfully ran back onto the stage and was donned a crown with a sash and took a bouquet that had the backstage passes in an envelope attached to it. Then went over to thank each of the band members, in fact, I hugged each of them pretty tight. After I hugged Seeb last, he complimented me how beautiful I looked and that’s when I woke up.

It’s quite a coincidence cause the last vivid dream I had remembered enough of to write about it in detail also involved Orden Ogan. I want to view this as a sign of some kind, but even if it isn’t, at least it’s a dream wonderful enough to write about!

My friend asked me if I gave Seeb a kiss at the end, and well that’s classified sir! Or how about you dear reader take a guess since I’ve already let it out that I like him?

I doubt this will get a lot of reads, likes, or comments because I am publishing it on the Sunday of a long weekend and plus most of my followers tend to be more interested in my geeky posts than my ones that express love for my favourite bands, but you never know who will be attracted to it.

👽 Emily

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