How Do Angara Host Weddings?

Yes, how do they? We know very little about their culture other than military and science!

Jaal Ama Darav

But yeah, so I had a dream last night that I was getting married to Jaal Ama Darav my second space hubby in the Mass Effect universe and possibly the most romantic out of all my fictional crushes.

Interestingly enough, this dream reminds me of an episode of Defiance when two of the recurring characters were getting married but the bride was uncomfortable with the ritual involved in the wedding ceremony her fiance’s race held. A series that I never finished watching after season 1 and later found out it was cancelled.

This dream started with me walking down the aisle in a lacy strapless dress with my hair in a fancy bun with flowers and a veil. (Interestingly enough, I normally didn’t like the idea of having my hair in a bun if I was wearing a dress until earlier this year did my mom do my hair like that and I surprisingly liked it.)

Jaal was standing at the altar dressed in some black Rofjinn with something tied around his neck, you could say it’s the angaran version of a tuxedo. When he saw me, the look on his face indicated he was smitten like he just wanted to run over and sweep me into his arms.

The Moshae was in charge of ensuring we said our vows and just after we kissed, the dream cut to the reception right away. The reception took place at country club surrounded by a beautiful garden and nearby beach. Jaal didn’t like the festivities (which shocks me because I know the angara have large families and probably are very social but I guess Jaal just wanted to be alone with me for a little), so we were dancing in the garden and then we walked along the beach holding hands and kissing under the moonlight and stars.

And that was last night’s dream, brief but still vivid in a flesh. I find that every time I have any dreams that are supposed to be romantic and if I kiss someone in that dream that I don’t feel romantically about, I just replace that person with a character or musician I love so that I can write about it. But there have been some dreams I’ve had where it really was that character or musician.

I’m one of those rare breeds of human beings who doesn’t feel the desire to get married as a mandatory event in my lifetime, but when I dream of marrying a character I love, that’s a sweet thing worth writing about.


7 thoughts on “How Do Angara Host Weddings?”

    1. Garrus Vakarian 😍👽 and I also have a third space hubby in Mass Effect who you can’t romance: Primarch Adrien Victus from the third game.


      1. Well, true. But then the pun would not work 🙂
        But for inspiration you probably only have to look towards other cultures’ wedding traditions. They are SOOOO diverse and interesting!

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      2. I feel you (maybe not for Angara culture, but fictional cultures in general). On one hand I can understand that there is not that much detail available. Coming up with that stuff takes time, effort and energy. If it is not vital to the story, and most people won’t care, then why bother with it? It’s wasted time that they could use more productively.

        On the other hand, I frequently find myself wanting for more background info about the worlds. Most of the time, I have to make it up myself. If a sequel or something comes out later on, which explains things differently than I made up before, I can get seriously upset 🙂

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