The Pill That Makes You Fly

Ever went on Facebook and somebody shared a picture that gives you a set of buttons, potions or capsules to take of different colours? Each one you press or consume will grant you something that is often impossible to achieve that is also something most desired by us.

Here is an example:


There are tons of these all over the Internet. Some of the ones I found of potions, buttons or capsules (as a pharmacy technician, I like to call it as it is: if it’s made of gel and is full of powder inside, it’s a capsule. If it’s solid and coated, it’s a tablet) did have one that you could choose to consume that would grant you the power to fly, but only for a limited amount of time and could only be used up to say, three times a day.

Other than that, most of these images would offer things that a lot of people want: to have trillions of dollars, immunity to all known diseases, to be able bring back someone from the dead, to make someone fall instantly in love with them or to forget an ex, the ability to heal any non-lethal wounds, turn invisible, or travel through time, and the ability to fly was not among them.

These posts could be generating a lot of conversation among those who have insecurities in life. Say that you’re unhappy with your weight and if an image popped up where one of the potions allowed you to be able to eat anything without gaining weight or made you lose weight, you’d pick that one immediately.

Or if you have been struggling with depression and there was one magic button you could press that could cure it instantly, you’d press it right away because it would require less effort than taking real antidepressants or using any non-drug ways to treat it right?

It’s clear that there are a lot of ones out there that offer the option to fly, but I never seem to see it on Facebook. It made me ask are the people who make these afraid of heights? Or maybe the desire to fly is not as highly desired as say, turning back time or being able to forget about a relationship that didn’t work out, instantly.

But I just want to fly. I always have so many dreams about flying, sometimes I have dragon wings and other times I just fly like I’ve been sprinkled with pixie dust. If it was possible, I would use it to get around more easily. Think about it: no more traffic to deal with or having to follow bus/train schedules during a commute! When I fly in my dreams, I feel free of all my stresses in life.

I know it’s not possible but if it was ever invented among with all those other capsules that give you the other things I mentioned, I’d take the one that makes me fly in a heartbeat.


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