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Architecture Time On the Secret Shores – Music of September 2019

Well here we are, I made it through my second month on my new job and I feel like this month’s songs all came to me so quickly before we were even halfway through September. Only because I remembered to write them down!

As you can see, I’m trying to make these titles make more sense too but regardless, I doubt it will change how many actually read these so let’s just get going.

5. Megadeth – Architecture of Aggression

Why do I get the feeling I’ve used this song before? Maybe I have, maybe I haven’t. No matter, this is one of my favourite tracks from Countdown to Extinction it has such as military feel to it, and I love the chorus and drumming the most. I think it’s frequently overlooked by the other songs on this album that are a lot more popular.

I think of tanks driving through the city as soldiers go to war on the front lines. It’s a song that I think more Megadeth fans need to listen to. I don’t know why, but it also makes me think of the election coming up this year in Canada, but I will not say where my vote is going. This song is a timeless hit to me, it’s one by Megadeth that I have always listen to.

4. Enya – Only Time

Holy shit, where has this beautiful song been all my life? The last time I ever heard it on the radio was when I was in 5th grade, and after that, I never heard it again until a few weeks ago. I was in Bath & Body Works helping my mom select hand soaps and suddenly the song came on the store’s radio at checkout. I felt like the whole world stopped the moment I recognized it. I told my mom it had been forever since I heard the song and scrambled to figure out its name until I found it.

It has such a beautiful melody that gives me goosebumps from start to finish, and in a way it also feels sad too. Enya has a beautiful voice and I wanted to ask why did this song suddenly vanish? All I know is Enya once took a break from music for a couple of years and she has never done any tours due to her desire for privacy. Whatever the case, I’m glad I found this song again.

3. Jennifer Lopez – On the Floor [feat. Pitbull]

Why did this get played on the radio so much earlier this month? Could have been some news I heard about J.Lo earlier. All I know is that she’s a judge on some dance show since that seems to be her strength compared to singing. I did go through a phase of liking this song in high school and loved to dance to it.

When I wasn’t dancing to it, I was thinking of my own music video of it that had Zekrom in the middle of a thunderstorm casting the Fusion Bolt move which is far more interesting to picture than the original music video which has such a typical approach.

2. ConcernedApe – In The Deep Woods

I still call it Secret Woods, but after 30 hours into this game, I have finally found my favourite track. Now I go to the Secret Woods in this game almost every day just to hear this music, aside from the fact that I need more hardwood!

It’s like you’re walking through an enchanted forest where creatures like fairies, leprechauns, and maybe unicorns could be hiding and some creatures live in mushrooms. Of course, none of that is actually present in this game, but it still makes me think of that. It also makes me think back to my time in the Land of Thousand Fables back in Witcher 3. It’s a beautiful melody from this game, and I’ve been making big changes on my farm since my last update so you can expect something else very soon.

1. Orden Ogan – To New Shores of Sadness

I still can’t get enough of Orden Ogan! This was a song I listened to one Friday night after coming home from work, and when I heard electronic-intro I was worried I wasn’t going to like it at first, but boy was I wrong! It got better as I kept listening as the riff intensified and I loved the piano just before the chorus, it was so beautiful. Then it didn’t take long for me to start belting the chorus and now I love this song! I think Vale will be the next album that I buy from these guys cause Orden Ogan just keeps penetrating my heart deeper the more I listen to them.

Now that I listened to again while writing this, the solo is starting to grow on me too, why do these guys do this to me? Either way, I love what they do to me!

So, that’s it for this month, I should have spent my money on some music after my last pay instead. Well there’s always my next one!


👽 Emily

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