Blogging Break?

Hi guys. It's unfortunate that I'm sharing this but due to unexpected personal and mental reasons, I will need to take a break from blogging. Hopefully it won't be long, but it will be at least until I can recover from what's going on in my life, as right now it's a difficult time for… Continue reading Blogging Break?

Music and Bands

Thunder I Rock with Death and Mary – Music of October 2019

I had to work on Halloween so the only thing I could do is wear my neon pink NYX lip gloss and colourful eyeshadow along with my Frollo rings! Welcome to the life of working in healthcare. I'm going to get started now. 5. Helloween - Waiting for the Thunder https://youtu.be/a7xKGaGz01k I didn't realize that… Continue reading Thunder I Rock with Death and Mary – Music of October 2019

Music and Bands

Straight Out of Hell – Speed and Power

Well then, I've been digging through my music collection since I spent one weekend ripping it all to my iTunes player. (Turns out it'll still be available to any Windows users out there so I rest assured now) During that time I had a sudden urge to write album reviews again. So, here is the… Continue reading Straight Out of Hell – Speed and Power


Things I Like About Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda is one of those games that gets a lot of unnecessary backlash since its release. First, it was because of graphical bugs that did not affect the game's ability to run, but were just minor things that players were nitpicky over. Then it was also due to it not being a sequel… Continue reading Things I Like About Andromeda